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Mar 2024 | Oral presentation | By Dr. Vineet Nair, Dr. Archana Munje, Shilpa Joshi, Saimala Guntur, Dr. Snehal Tanna, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Dr. Chitra Selvan, Dr. Amol Hartalkar, Dr. Anand Ambesange, Dr. Pratibha Pawal, Rajendra Kumar Kalla, Dr. Ammar Jagirdar, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Behaviour Change at Scale with The Use of Technology: Insights from The Key Digital Offerings in Fitterfly Digital Therapeutics Program for Type 2 Diabetes

Digital therapeutics (DTx) program of Fitterfly for diabetes management introduced innovative features like PGR-score and virtual Continuous Glucose Monitoring (vCGM), alongside a community led by diabetes educators. The study evaluated the efficacy of PGR Score and vCGM features in encouraging healthier eating habits and lowering HbA1c levels. Additionally, a community survey assessed patient satisfaction, self-efficacy, clinical impact on blood glucose levels, and potential adherence to the remote health coaching app. Findings revealed a trend towards healthier meal choices, decreased carbohydrate intake, and positive participant satisfaction.

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