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Mar 2024 | Oral presentation | By Dr. Vineet Nair, Dr. Archana Munje, Shilpa Joshi, Saimala Guntur, Dr. Snehal Tanna, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Dr. Chitra Selvan, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Outcomes of Lifestyle Modifications from Fitterfly Diabetes Program in Treatment Naive People with Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

The study aimed to evaluate diabetes management through lifestyle modifications in treatment-naive individuals with prediabetes and diabetes. Deidentified data from 94 participants showed significant average reductions in HbA1c (0.9%), weight (2.9 kg), and BMI (1.1 kg/m²) after the 90-day program. Participants with higher baseline HbA1c levels showed greater reductions. Post-program, 74.5% achieved recommended HbA1c values (≤7%), with 48.0% reaching ≤6.5 %. These findings underscore the efficacy of lifestyle interventions as an initial approach for diabetes management, emphasizing the importance of holistic strategies.

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