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Dec 2022 | Poster | By Sanjay Kalra, Vivek Raskar

Prevalence of diabetes distress and its relationship with glycemic control using mobile application administered diabetes distress scale - Insights from Fitterfly Diabetes Digital Therapeutics Program

This study highlights the significance of evaluating diabetes distress through a digital therapeutics platform and the association of diabetes distress with HbA1c among 1600 people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The Diabetes distress was high among 21%, moderate among 25%, and low among 54% of participants. High-moderate level of emotional distress, regimen distress, physician distress, interpersonal distress was present in 60.37 %, 58.68 %, 32.56 %, and 30.43 % respectively. Pre-program HbA1c level showed significant correlation with overall distress and subscale distress scores. Fitterfly Diabetes digital therapeutics program can help in providing easy access to multidisciplinary teams including trained clinical psychologists for reducing diabetes distress

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