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May 2022 | Original research article | By Madhura Bhagat (PT), Dr. Anuradha Mandlekar (PT), Dr Ritika Verma, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Nikhil Chitnis, Mohan Shenoy, Jaydeep Shinde, Piya Ballani, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Video Call-based Fitness Assessment shows Poor Fitness in People with Type II Diabetes: Findings from Diabefly Digital Therapeutics Program

A fitness assessment by qualified physiotherapist helps in understanding the baseline fitness of individuals and thus generating appropriate exercise prescriptions. The current study assessed and showed safety and feasibility of conducting video call-based assessment of physical fitness among one hundred participants with type II diabetes by physiotherapists. Out of all the participants, a good range score was achieved by 52% in 6MWT, 17% in push-up test, 1% in wall sit test, 6% in sit-up test, and 9% in V-sit and reach test while current physical activity did not show any association with performance in fitness tests. The study also highlighted the poor glycemic control, high cardiovascular risk, and poor level of physical fitness in people with diabetes in India and these insights can help in developing personalized exercise plans for people with diabetes.

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