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Apr 2024 | Oral presentation | By Neha Verma, Nishul Gupta, Pallavi Vasan, Akanksha Nair, Ankita Lakshminarayan, Sudipta Satpathy, Shreejha M, Dr Ritika Verma, Dr. Vineet Nair, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Development and Evaluation of an Automated Digital Mood Tracking and Self-Management Tool for People with Type 2 Diabetes in Fitterfly Diabetes Digital Therapeutics Program

A digital mood-tracking tool for type 2 diabetes patients, offering personalized interventions for mood management is developed at Fitterfly. Over four months, 1372 participants engaged with the tool, primarily selecting positive moods and utilizing interventions like meditation and mindfulness. Results indicate significant assistance in mood management, suggesting the potential for improved emotional awareness and self-care in diabetes management. Further research is needed to explore its impact on glycemic control.

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