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Dec 2022 | Poster | By Sanjay Kalra, Dr Ritika Verma, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Unlock significant improvements in key metabolic parameters using Fitterfly diabetes program: Real world evidence from a 90-day digital therapeutics program

This study evaluated the real-world data obtained from the Fitterfly Diabetes Program among 287 people with T2DM. A significant median reduction in HbA1c, weight, waist circumference, fasting blood glucose (FBS), and postprandial blood glucose (PPBS) by -1.00 % , -3.00 kg, -3.00 cm, -25.00 mg/dL and -52.00 mg/dL was observed respectively. Hence, Fitterfly Diabetes Program can be an effective tool as an add-on to the doctor’s prescription in addressing the care gaps in T2DM management.

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