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Jul 2022 | Original research article | By Dr Ritika Verma, Shefali Bhardwaj, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Sanjay Kalra, Ruchira Ranadive, Nikhil Chitnis, Mahesh Padsalge, Archana Juneja, Kirti Samudra, Piya Ballani, Sonali Patange, Vishal Kini, Sneha Kothari, Dr. Snehal Tanna, Ashish Sarawte, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Personalized glycemic response led digital therapeutics program improves time in range in a period of 14 days

Lifestyle management and behavioral modification is an integral aspect for the effective prevention and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D). Current study analysed the effectiveness of personalized glycemic response based Diabefly-Pro digital therapeutics program among 64 participants with T2D for better glycemic control. Out of all the participants, mean blood glucose, and time-above-range was significantly reduced by 17.5 mg/dL, 11% respectively, while the time in range significantly improved by 4.5%. Personalized glycemic response-based Diabefly-Pro digital therapeutics program was effective in achieving better glycemic control in people with T2D

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