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Jan 2024 | Poster presentation | By Dr. Manthan Mehta, Dr. Vineet Nair, Manthan Rathod, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Patient Experiences in a WhatsApp based Diabetes Self-Management Education and Engagement in a Digital Therapeutics Program for Type 2 Diabetes

In a bid to enhance diabetes self-management in type 2 diabetes, a study evaluated the efficacy of a digital therapeutics program. Utilizing a mobile app and WhatsApp, patients received remote health coaching and engagement with educators. Surveying 62 participants after 3 months revealed high satisfaction and engagement rates, with over 90% finding coaching helpful and access convenient. Notably, 70% reported improved blood sugar control and medication adherence. The program bolstered self-confidence in self-management for 83% of respondents. While longer-term studies are warranted, these findings underscore the potential of remote health coaching in fostering self-care among type 2 diabetes patients, offering a scalable solution for healthcare providers.

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