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Oct 2023 | By Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Nikhil Chitnis, Sanjay Kalra

Real-World Outcomes of Fitterfly Diabetes Program on Glycemic Control and Weight Management in people with newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes

The study aimed to evaluate the real-world impact of the Fitterfly program on glycemic control and weight management in newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes patients. Data from 147 participants were analyzed, with a focus on HbA1c levels, weight, and BMI. The program led to significant improvements, with reductions of 1.2% in HbA1c, 3 kg in weight, and 1.10 kg/m² in BMI. Participants with varying baseline HbA1c levels also saw substantial reductions. A majority achieved recommended HbA1c values, and BMI reductions were observed across normal, overweight, and obese categories. The findings emphasize Fitterfly's role in comprehensive diabetes management through sustained lifestyle support.

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