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Jun 2022 | Research Article | By Dr Ritika Verma, Saimala Guntur, Tejal Lathia , Nikhil Chitnis, Dr. Manthan Mehta, Piya Ballani, Akshata Agnihotri, Snehal Tanna, Dr Arbinder Singal

Significant Weight Reduction and Improvement in Glycemic Control Among People With T2D After Participation in Diabefly® Digital Therapeutics Program.

This study explored effectiveness of the Diabefly® program for improving glycemic control among 172 participants with T2D. Significant reduction in HbA1c, weight, BMI, FBS and PPBS by 1.69%, 2.59kg, 0.92 kg/m2, 51.44mg/dL, and 90.90 mg/dLwas observed respectively. 93.02% participants reduced their HbA1c levels and among them 56.25% showed a reduction of more than 1% in HbA1c. Similarly, 70.34% participants reduced their weight. Effective glycemic control and significant weight reduction was achieved at the end of the program.

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