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Dec 2022 | Poster | By Dr. Anuradha Mandlekar (PT), Madhura Bhagat (PT)

Significant changes in exercise duration and mode, physical fitness and glycemic control among people with Type 2 Diabetes: Effect of Video-based guided exercises as part of Fitterfly Diabetes program

This study analysed the effect of supervised exercise prescription delivered as part of Fitterfly diabetes digital therapeutics program in 150 people with diabetes (PWD) after completion of the program. Median improvement in 6-minute walk test and total fitness score by 5.35 % and 46.86% respectively was observed. Post-program, median HbA1c, weight and waist circumference reduced by -0.8%,-2.5 kg, -4.00 cm respectively. Median exercise duration per week in these participants improved by 180 min, 70 min and 60 min respectively. Thus, Virtual supervised exercise guidance as a part of Fitterfly diabetes digital therapeutics program can help in improving safety and adherence to physical activity among people with T2DM for effective diabetes management

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