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Mar 2024 | Oral presentation | By Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal, Shailesh Gupta, Dr. Ammar Jagirdar, Rajendra Kumar Kalla, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Dr. Chitra Selvan, Sanjay Kalra, Fenil Parikh, Ankur Desai, Khushi Mehta, Kanishk Mehta, Dr. Archana Munje, Dr Ritika Verma, Dr. Vineet Nair

Enhancing Dietary Choices in People with Type 2 Diabetes with the Impact of AI-Driven Virtual CGM

A pilot study examined the impact of AI-driven virtual CGM (vCGM) on dietary choices for Type 2 Diabetes patients. Over 14 days, 100 participants used vCGM via the Fitterfly app, tracking CGM data, meals, activity, and medication. Post-activation, 51 respondents reported insights: 80% observed impact of vCGM on blood glucose appropriate food selection, leading to reductions in rice/cereal (67%) and sugary drinks (88%). Increased attention to fibre content and elimination of high-calorie snacks were common. vCGM may offer valuable support for dietary management in Type 2 Diabetes patients, potentially aiding in better food selection and glucose control.

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