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Mar 2023 | Oral Presentation | By Neha Verma, Dr.Tejal Lathia , Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal, Nishul Gupta, Dr. Manthan Mehta, Dr. Vivek Baliga, Dr. Lily Rodrigues, Shilpa Joshi

Improvement in Emotional and Mental Well-being in People with Diabetes and Hypertension after Participation in Digital Therapeutics Program

This study analyzed data of 112 Fitterfly Diabetes program participants with diabetes and hypertension for the effectiveness of digital therapeutics to manage diabetes distress and increase motivation to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. At baseline, all members had high scores of diabetes distress particularly members under 60 years of age had higher total DDS and subcomponent scores. (p< 0.05) Post-program, the median score for overall distress reduced by 25% (p< 0.0001). A substantial reduction in median scores for DDS subscales including emotional burden, physician related, regimen-related, and interpersonal distress was also observed (p< 0.0001). After the program, the median MATCH score showed a significant improvement by 16.7% (p<0.0001). The results suggest that the Fitterfly digital therapeutics program can help improve DDS and motivation score to manage the cardiovascular comorbidities such as hypertension.

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