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Feb 2024 | Poster presentation | By Michelle Britto, Forum Malde, Shilpa Joshi, Dr. Vineet Nair, Dr. Archana Munje, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Fine-tuning Macronutrient Ratios in Prediabetes: Assessing Real-World outcomes of a Weight Loss Program

The study evaluated outcomes of the Fitterfly weight-loss program in individuals with prediabetes, emphasizing the importance of tailored lifestyle interventions given the high conversion rate to diabetes in India. Ninety-two participants received personalized nutrition and behavioral support via the Fitterfly app for 90 days, resulting in notable reductions in calorie intake and carbohydrate-derived energy, alongside increases in protein-derived energy. Significant improvements in weight, BMI, and waist and hip circumference were observed. The program's success highlights its potential in prediabetes management, showcasing enhanced macronutrient balance, calorie control, and anthropometric outcomes through personalized support.

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