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Mar 2024 | Poster presentation | By Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal, Shailesh Gupta, Dr. Ammar Jagirdar, Rajendra Kumar Kalla, Priya Dhadiwal, Saimala Guntur, Nagaraju Nethi, Fenil Parikh, Dr. Archana Munje, Dr. Vineet Nair

Virtual Continuous Glucose Monitoring (vCGM): Quantification of Individual Glucose Response Through CGM Data And Fitterfly Wellness Application

Fitterfly's innovation, virtual CGM (vCGM), integrates real-time glucose monitoring with lifestyle data, predicting postprandial blood sugar levels up to 3 hours in advance. By analyzing food, activity, and medication effects, vCGM offers personalized insights, empowering users to make informed decisions for better diabetes management. It optimizes meal choices, fosters balanced lifestyles, and enhances understanding of lifestyle-glucose interactions, facilitating improved patient behavior and outcomes.

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