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Jun 2022 | Research Article | By Ruchira Ranadive, Sudhindra Kulkarni, Mohan Shenoy, Santosh Thakur, Ashish Sarawte, Om Lakhani, Dr Ritika Verma, Dr Arbinder Kumar Singal

Significant Changes in Dietary Behaviour, Glycemic Control and Weight Post Participation in Personalized Glycemic Response Based Diabefly® Program

Understanding personalized glycemic response (PGR) among 108 participants through the Diabefly® program, led to significant reduction in mean calorie, carbohydrate and fat intake by 9.34%, 10.44%, and 7.95% respectively. Mean energy attributed from protein significantly increased by 10.36%. 66 participants reduced their weight, BMI, and HbA1c by 3.41kg, 1.16kg/m2, and 2.02% respectively, while 42 participants reduced their waist circumference by 4.85cm. These results suggests the potential of understanding PGR in an effective manner through the Diabefly® program for improved outcomes.

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