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82nd Scientific Session, American Diabetes Association
Jun 2022 | Poster | By Dr Ritika Verma, Forum Malde, Tejal Lathia , Snehal Tanna, Sneha Kothari, Piya Ballani, Santosh Thakur, Saimala Guntur, Dr Arbinder Singal, Mohammed Abdul Khader

Significant Weight Reduction and Improvement in Glycemic Control Among People With T2D After Participation in Diabefly® Digital Therapeutics Program.

This study explored effectiveness of the Diabefly® program for improving glycemic control among 172 participants with T2D. Significant reduction in HbA1c, weight, BMI, FBS and PPBS by 1.69%, 2.59kg, 0.92 kg/m2, 51.44mg/dL, and 90.90 mg/dLwas observed respectively. 93.02% participants reduced their HbA1c levels and among them 56.25% showed a reduction of more than 1% in HbA1c. Similarly, 70.34% participants reduced their weight. Effective glycemic control and significant weight reduction was achieved at the end of the program.

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