Protein-the power nutrient in child’s food: Ensure enough of it!!

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  • Posted On September 01, 2018

Protein- the power nutrient in child’s food: Ensure enough of it!!

Proteins are considered as building blocks of the body. They are required for growth and maintenance of every cell in the body. Deficiency of proteins makes the children weak both on brain development as well as physical level. Indian diets are typically rich in carbohydrates and fats with less protein. Fitterfly data shows that Indian children consume less protein than required and almost 45% of the children have deficiency of protein in their diets. Smart and healthy choices can prevent this.

Why proteins are essential in child’s diet:

  • Essential for sustenance of life functions
  • Primary role of proteins is growth and maintenance
  • Main constituents of muscles, organs and acts as a structural protein
  • Needed for healthy skin, hair and nail

Protein rich sources:

  • Non-vegetarian sources: Eggs, chicken, fishes, lean cuts of meat
  • Milk and milk products: Milk, curd, buttermilk, cheese, paneer, whole milk or skimmed milk powder
  • Legumes and pulses: Dals, Soyabean, moong, kabuli chana (white gram), rajma and sprouts

Quick tip:

  • Prepare your meals in cereal-pulse combination such as khichadi, idli sambar, dosa sambar, dal rice, curd rice, paneer paratha etc for better absorption.
  • Avoid consuming proteins in fried forms such as fried paneer, fried chicken etc
  • Every meal should contain some amount of protein
  • Use whole milk or skimmed milk powder in chapatti dough, soups or gravies
  • Use eggs in soups, to meet the desire consistency of soup
Age group Protein requirements(gms/day)
1-3 years 16.7
4-6 years 20.1
7-9 years 29.5
10-12 years (Boys) 39.9
10-12 years (Girls) 40.4
13-15 years (Boys) 54.3
13-15 years (Girls) 51.9
16-17 years (Boys) 61.5
16-17 years (Girls) 55.5

To check and ensure adequate protein intake as per your child’s requirement, download the Fitterfly app to do your nutrition assessment or consult a Pediatric Nutritionist at Fitterfly (link)

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