Ganesh Chaturthi: 4 No-Guilt Dessert Recipes for People With Diabetes

  • Sudipta Satpathy

    Content Manager, DTx Programs & Marketing (M.Tech, Biotechnology)

  • Posted On September 09, 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi: 4 No-Guilt Dessert Recipes for People With Diabetes

The fun and festivities are palpable as everyone is gearing up to welcome their beloved Lord Ganesha into their homes. Clean and decorated homes, age-old family traditions, new clothes and of course, delicious food - the Indian festive season has something for everyone.

When living with diabetes, a lot of the traditional sweets made for Ganesh Chaturthi can be off-limits. And who likes being restricted - surely not us and surely not during our favourite festivals! So, to help you have a guilt-free Ganesh Chaturthi, our team brings you four dessert recipes that you (and your family) can enjoy without impacting your blood sugar levels.

Sprout Modak:

A healthy twist to Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet - this modak recipe has the added goodness of sprouted moong which adds protein and prevents your blood sugars from rising post-meal. Also, the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) present in coconut helps in lowering insulin resistance.

Watch how to make this healthy modak recipe in just 20 minutes here:

Peas Modak With Jaggery:

If sprouts are not your thing, then give this pea (green matar) modak a try. Rich in protein and fibre, peas will help in reducing your blood glucose absorption thereby preventing post-meal blood sugar spikes.

This quick and easy modak recipe can also be whipped up in 20 minutes. Watch the full recipe here:

Millet Jaggery Ladoo:

Indian festivals would be incomplete without a mouth-watering ladoo. This particular one is made with ragi (Finger millets) making it rich in calcium - an essential nutrient for blood glucose management as it is known to affect insulin secretion. This recipe is also rich in fibre making it ideal for lowering blood sugar levels.

Take 15 minutes to make this healthy recipe for everyone in your family to enjoy. Watch the full recipe here:

Dates & Nuts Ladoo:

These energy-dense ladoos are easy to make and rich in Omega 3 fats - an essential micronutrient with a bunch of health benefits including delaying blood sugar spikes and improving your heart health.

Be sure to give this a try - all it needs is 15 minutes of your time. Watch the full recipe here:

A word of caution: Despite being healthier alternatives to traditional sweets, these foods are still rich in carbs, calories and fats. Be sure to watch how much you eat in a day. Ensure that the other meals of the day are balanced and nutritious and make time to exercise no matter how busy things get. These simple things will keep your blood sugars under control so that you can focus on making happy memories instead of worrying about your health. 

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