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  • Posted On September 10, 2018

The first shower of rains brings with it the essence of Petrichor and along with that brings in the desire to munch on something crispy and spicy, the list goes unending with options like Bhajias, Tikki, Vada’s, etc. but along comes flu, infections, allergies and cold something which needs to be taken care of, to rescue comes seasonal fruits, loaded with antioxidants to fight against all infections.

Seasonal fruits have special qualities in them as they are not artificially harvested, come with their natural cycle and taste best as they are grown naturally, plus there is an added benefit with the amount of multivitamins they carry. Refer to following list to find few seasonal fruits which come during monsoon.

Cherries: They are found in abundance during monsoon and this stone fruit is loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, which help to boost the immunity, consume them raw or top your cake or custard with the tiny fruit.

Peaches: This is a furry fruit, originated from China, and is consumed fresh, canned, make a smoothie or add it to your salsa, enjoy it with iced tea too. It’s  low in calories and a great mid snacking option.

Plums: This tangy red ball of antioxidants is consumed just like that. It is a blend of vitamins and antioxidants which makes it an ideal fruit in the rains to wand of infection and boosts the immunity. Blend it with cucumber and herbs to make a tangy salad.

Pear: This fruit is kind of a sibling to apple, consumed as raw, cooked or made in to a pear cider. It is good source of Insoluble fiber and thus has health benefits like good to relieve constipation and gives satiety when eaten a whole raw fruit.

Mangoes: Oh the king of fruits, simply thought to be a fruit of summers though, but the season extends in monsoon too, with a wide range of variety like the Langda, Dusehera, Totapari. It continues the beta carotene during rains too and builds up the immunity.

Apple: It’s a universal fruit which keeps it availability, round the year, and keeps the doctor away with many health benefits. 

Pomegranate: These tiny beads are loaded with antioxidants so keeps you away from many infections during the season and the flavonoids even have anti-ageing properties, consume it whole to get maximum benefit. 


  1. Wash the fruits thoroughly in running water as soon as you get it from the market. This disintegrates the bacterial growth immediately.
  2. Do not store into the refrigerator without washing any of the fruits.

Thus Monsoon brings along with it infections but the Mother Nature also sends solution with it.

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