Arbinder Singal

MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS, M.Ch (AIIMS Gold Medalist), Co-founder and CEO Fitterfly

Dr. Arbinder Singal is a renowned super specialist doctor with more than 20 years of international experience in healthcare. Dr Singal has won Gold Medals in his medical training at Delhi University and then at All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He has been an invited speaker at American, European, British and Asian Congresses in healthcare. Dr Singal is passionate about the role of prevention more than cure. Coming with a strong family history of Diabetes, he himself was diagnosed to have prediabetes in 2019 which led him to research and work with the Fitterfly team to develop innovative digital therapeutics program called Diabefly Pro. Dr Singal has coined the terms – Personalised Glycemic Response, Glycemic Shock and working with Jayesh Sawant – Delta/Carb ratios to create new paradigms in diabetes lifestyle management. At Fitterfly, Dr Singal remains committed to explore use of technology for behavior change, prevention and optimal lifestyle management for various health conditions.

Author Articles

Digital Therapeutics | By Arbinder Singal

10 Ways in Which Digital Therapeutics Helps Doctors in Their Day-to-day Practice

The last 20 years were all about digital health where we used technology for better communication, searching healthcare information, finding the right healthcare providers or building online healthcare brands. With […]

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Prevention,Diabetes Reversal,Digital Therapeutics,Type 2 Diabetes Reversal | By Arbinder Singal

Why Every Person With Diabetes Should Do Diabefly Once in Their Lifetime?

Living a healthy life with diabetes requires some discipline. Your diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, stress levels, weight – everything is monitored. And rightly so. Lifestyle management centered around these […]

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Prevention | By Arbinder Singal

Understanding Glycemic Shocks for Better Health and Preventing Prediabetes and Diabetes

This article has been written in collaboration and with inputs from Dr. Sanjay Kalra, renowned Endocrinologist and Ex-President of the Endocrine Society of India (ESI).  Blood glucose (or sugar) is […]

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Diabetes Prevention | By Arbinder Singal

Prediabetes Reversal Plan With Diabefly Pro: Best of Human Intelligence and Technology Breakthrough

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t happen overnight. It passes through a phase of prediabetes (or known as borderline diabetes) before a full-scale diabetes manifests. A typical phase of prediabetes may last […]

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Prevention,Diabetes Reversal,Digital Therapeutics | By Arbinder Singal

Personalised Glycemic Response: The Secret to Better Diabetes Control

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes or been living with it for a while now, chances are that you’ve come across unsolicited advice. ‘Have chapati instead of rice’, ‘give […]

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Diabetes Management | By Arbinder Singal

Reversing Diabetes Now Possible With the Diabefly Reverse Program

It is a basic human nature to win over illness. So why would it be different for Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes person has always been felt to be a restrictive […]

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Diabetes Management | By Arbinder Singal

Foods That Boost Child Immunity Against Infections

The Immune System of our body consists of a group of cells, proteins, tissues, and organs that fight against germs and infections. In an infant’s first few months of life, […]

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