How does Diabefly Pro work?

A customer’s 3-month journey with Diabefly Pro looks something like this

Intensive Phase

This the first 14 days of the program where the user is on a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) or AGM (Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring) device. This device painless records 1300+ readings during this time and allows your Diabefly Coach to correlate your lifestyle with their blood sugar trends.

Maintenance Phase

On the basis of the results from the intensive phase, we plan the remaining two and half months of the program. Here we help the user build healthy habits through continuous
support and motivation.

Our aim with Diabefly Pro is to help the user form healthy habits that become part of their daily routine and help them lead a happy, healthy life free from diabetes complications in the future.

Diabefly Customer Stories

Real People, Unreal Results!!

*Customer name & photos changed to protect privacy