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Aishwarya’s Medical History & Profile
Age 54 years
Weight (Before Diabefly Pro) 59 kg
Height 160 cm
BMI (Before Diabefly Pro) 23 kg/m2
Health Conditions Type 2 diabetes (Diagnosed 25 years before enrolling in Diabefly Pro)
  • Diabetic foot problem for which she underwent a surgical procedure. This limited her physical activity during the program
  • Multiple surgeries in past:
    • Stent placement in the heart (PTCA)
    • Eye surgery (cataract surgery)
    • Surgical removal of the uterus (hysterectomy)
    • Surgical removal of gall bladder (cholecystectomy)

Aishwarya enrolled in Diabefly Pro on her Doctor’s suggestion and here’s how we helped her in just 3 months.

Aishwarya’s results from Diabefly Pro

3-month results

Parameter Before Diabefly Pro After Diabefly Pro Result
HbA1c 13.9% 10% Reduced by 39%.
Insulin dose 40 units of Huminsulin 36 units of Huminsulin 10% reduction in Insulin dose

CGM Device Journey

The first 14 days of Diabely Pro is known as the intensive phase where the customer is on a CGM device. These were Aishwarya’s CGM results

Days 1-7 (Before)

Aishwarya tracked her diet, exercise and sleep routine on the Fitterfly app. No changes were suggested at this stage - she followed what she was always doing.

Days 8

Based on her CGM reports, she was given diet modifications, guidance on exercise and sleep.

Days 8-14 (After)

Aishwarya followed the new routine and tracked everything on her app

Parameter Days 1-7 (Before) Days 8-14 (After) Result
Daily Time In Range (TIR) Should aim to keep it above 70% 46% 66% Very close to 70% now 44% increase
Time above target Should aim to keep it at 0% 52% 31% 41% decrease
Daily average blood sugar levels Should aim to keep it between 70
and 180 mg/dL for people with diabetes
186 mg/dL 155 mg/dL 17% decrease

The intensive phase was followed by the maintenance phase which lasted for two and a half months. During this time, Aishwarya’s Diabefly Coach, Sonali, guided and motivated her to make positive changes to her lifestyle.

Together, Aishwarya & Sonali’s efforts helped Aishwarya drastically improve her health. The CGM proved to be an excellent insight that allowed us to offer personalised solutions such as the ones mentioned below.

Problem Areas & Their Solution

After closely monitoring Aishwarya’s lifestyle, food diary, and CGM reports; Sonali gave simple and doable solutions to Aishwarya’s problem areas that are summarised in the table below:

Parameter Solution Result
Postprandial hyperglycemia
due to unbalanced meals.
  • Suggested food with a low
    glycemic index, high fibre
    and protein content like poha
    with vegetables, dalia upma,
    sprouts, chapati with a veggie etc.
  • Taught about portion serving.
  • Guided on a well-balanced diet,
    the right time to have fruits
    and how to add fibre in the diet.
  • Postprandial blood glucose
    levels now in the
    targeted range.
  • Fat intake reduced by 8%.
  • Time above range improved by 41%.
Hypoglycemia during the
day and night
  • Added bedtime snack
  • Advised to have small
    frequent meals during the
    day and avoid long gaps.
Episodes of low blood sugar
reduced both during the
night and day.
Insufficient protein intake
  • Educated her on the importance
    of protein in wound healing
    and quick recovery.
  • Guided her on how to include
    proteins in her meals in the
    form of curd, buttermilk, milk, paneer,
    tofu, sprouts, dals and much more.
  • Added protein-based evening
    snacks like roasted makhana,
    chana, khakra etc.
Protein intake improved by 17%

By the end of 3 months, Aishwarya had taken control of her diabetes & life! Her blood sugar readings improved, her wounds healed, her low blood sugar days almost disappeared. She started feeling better and was motivated to live life to the fullest with a healthy soul, mind and body.

Like we helped Aishwarya, we can help you too! It’s time for a smart way to manage your diabetes for a happier & healthier tomorrow!

Diabefly Pro - A novel way to take care of yourself!

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The CGM tells us the exact causes of blood sugar fluctuations so that you can make necessary lifestyle changes for a better HbA1c control in just 3 months! Diabefly Pro customers have shown some groundbreaking results that have been published in National & International platforms. Trusted by Doctors, Diabefly Pro is currently being prescribed by hundreds of Doctors across India.

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