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Captain Handa’s Medical History & Profile
Age 58 years
Weight (Before Diabefly Pro) 87.3 kg
Height 174 cm
BMI (Before Diabefly Pro) 28.93 kg/m2
Health Conditions Type 2 diabetes (Diagnosed 20 yrs before enrolling in Diabefly Pro)
  • Extreme hypoglycemia
  • Tiredness throughout the day
  • High blood pressure and dyslipidemia (high cholesterol). He was on medication for the same.

As recommended by his treating physician, Captain Handa enrolled in Diabefly Pro and this is how we helped him over 3 months.

Capt. Handa’s results from Diabefly Pro

3-month results

Parameter Before Diabefly Pro After Diabefly Pro Result
Weight 87 kg 76 kg Lost 11 kg
BMI 28.93 kg/m2 25.18 kg/m2 13% BMI reduction
HbA1c 7.4% 6.2% Reduced by 18.7%. Now in the prediabetes range
Medications On anti-diabetic medicines and insulin Morning dose of insulin reduced
from 20U to 16U & night dose reduced from 8U to 4U.
64% reduction in total
insulin dose

CGM Device Journey

Cap. Handa was on the CGM device for the first 14 days of the program. These are the results of his CGM journey.

Days 1-7 (Before):

Cap. Handa followed his regular diet, exercise and sleep routine.

Days 8:

Diabefly coach suggested modifications in his diet, guided him on exercise and sleep based on his CGM reports.

Days 8-14 (After):

Cap. Handa incorporated these modifications in his routine.

Parameter Days 1-7 (Before) Days 8-14 (After) Result
Daily Time In Range (TIR) Should aim to keep it above 70% 56% 68% 20% increase
Time above target Should aim to keep it at 0% 38% 29% 25% decrease
Time below target Should aim to keep it at 0% 6% 4% 29% decrease
Daily average blood sugar levels Should aim to keep it between 70
and 180 mg/dL for people with diabetes
159 mg/dL 147 mg/dL 8% decrease

For the remaining two and a half months, the Coach closely monitored Captain Handa’s progress and his adherence to the program. The lifestyle and dietary changes that were introduced were not generic but were tailored-made based on the insights from his CGM readings and his food diary to achieve better health outcomes.

Problem Areas & Their Solution

Identifying Capt. Handa’s problem areas were the first step to getting better results. Here’s what his Coach worked on:

Parameter Solution Result
Midnight & early morning hypoglycemia Added a bedtime snack and
improved dinner meal options.
Reduced episodes of midnight &
early morning hypoglycemia.
Hypoglycemia during the day Improved meal timings with smaller
and more frequent meals.
Time below target improved by 29%.
Carbohydrate & fat overload
  • Introduced healthier carbs & added
    other millets instead such as ragi.
  • Controlled the intake of total oil &
    switched to skimmed milk.
  • Quality of carbs improved.
  • Carb & fat intake reduced by
    13% and 31% respectively.
Sedentary lifestyle Motivated him to start working out.
Added pre and post-workout snacks
to keep up his energy levels.
Intensity and duration of exercise
increased with a minimum of 20 mins
of a regular walk for at least 5 days a week.
Nutritional imbalance Added healthier well-balanced meals
to meet the nutritional requirement.
Also incorporated salads to increase the fibre intake.
  • Magnesium, zinc, and fibre intake
    increased by 49%, 50% and 35%
  • Excessive protein intake rectified by
    decreasing consumption by 23%

In 3 months, Diabefly Pro completely changed Captain Handa’s life - for the better! While Captain Handa was excited to see his results, his wife was outright shocked!

‘This is a change which I never expected in the last 30 years. Ever since he got in touch with Dr Tejal Lathia and Diabefly, it has been a miraculous change in him. He’s become a fitter him...much me a complex! I recommend it to everybody,’ says Mrs Handa!

If at this age Capt. Handa can shed weight, reduce his insulin dose and get his blood sugar under control then why not you? Don’t let diabetes stop you from living your life to the fullest.

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Capt Handa Thank you very much, team fitterfly. This has been a great learning experience which has holistically changed the way I live now.
Wish your team all the very best.”
Watch him speak about his journey here. Captain Handa's Journey with Diabefly | Fitterfly Success Stories

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