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Shaila’s Medical History & Profile
Age 65 years
Weight (Before Diabefly Pro) 54 kg
Height 152 cm
BMI (Before Diabefly Pro) 23.46 kg/m2
Health Conditions Type 2 diabetes (Diagnosed 30 years before enrolling in Diabefly Pro)
  • Frequent hypoglycemic episodes during day and night.
  • High blood pressure diagnosed 4 years ago.
  • Underwent cataract surgery (eye surgery) during the program.

Shaila's journey with Diabefly Pro was a fruitful one - here’s how we helped her achieve her diabetes management goals.

Shaila’s results from Diabefly Pro

3-month results

Parameter Before Diabefly Pro After Diabefly Pro Result
HbA1c 10.8% 7.7% Reduced by 40.2%

CGM Device Journey

What makes Diabefly Pro a unique way to manage diabetes is its CGM-based diet & lifestyle assessment. For the first 14 days, Shaila was on an CGM device which helped us understand the exact causes of her blood sugar fluctuations. These are the results of her CGM journey.

Days 1-7 (Before)

The program began with Shaila following her normal routine - diet, exercise, sleep - she followed what she was already doing.

Days 8

Diabefly Coach analysed her lifestyle against her CGM report and suggested changes.

Days 8-14 (After)

Shaila incorporated these changes in her diet, exercise and sleep routine while still on the CGM device.

Parameter Days 1-7 (Before) Days 8-14 (After) Result
Daily Time In Range (TIR) Should aim to keep it above 70% 47% 54% 14% increase
Time above target Should aim to keep it at 0% 45% 17% 62% decrease
Daily average blood sugar levels Should aim to keep it between 70
and 180 mg/dL for people with diabetes
174 mg/dL 122 mg/dL 30% decrease

The first 14 days were followed by two and half months of guidance, motivation and habit-changing. Slowly, Shaila’s Coach was able to bring about changes in her diet and lifestyle based on the insights from the CGM reports.

This kind of personalised approach helped Shaila see some great results by the end of the program.

Problem Areas & Their Solution

For improving her overall blood sugar levels, Shaila’s Coach worked on smaller pain points - improvements in these ultimately helped her achieve her goals!

Parameter Solution Result
Midnight & early morning hypoglycemia Added a bedtime snack like
milk and advised portion monitoring of
meals, especially for dinner.
  • Reduced episodes of
    midnight & early morning
  • Time-in-range improved by 14%.
Nutritional imbalances
  • Suggested healthier, balanced
    meal options.
  • Added vegetarian protein-rich healthy
    meal options and their combinations
    to her diet plan.
  • Nutritional imbalance improved.
  • Fat intake decreased by 17%.
Consumption of stale food
and lack of variety
in meals
  • Worked on his meal timings,
    especially dinner.
  • Advised to only cook limited
    portions whenever possible.
  • Freshly cooked food intake increased.
  • Food diversity score which is a
    qualitative measure of different
    food sources in the diet improved.
Postprandial hyperglycemia
(high blood glucose level)
  • Guided on meal options
    with low glycemic index foods.
  • Advised on portion monitoring.
  • Post-meal blood glucose
    levels under control.
  • Time-above-range
    improved by 62%
Unhealthy processed packaged
snacks in the diet
Guided her on easily-available
protein-based snacks like plain
khakhras, roasted channa, makhana,
puffed wheat and many more.
  • Unhealthy packaged snacks
    replaced with healthier options.
  • Quality of carbs improved.

It took only a matter of 3 months for Shaila to change her life. With her Coach’s nudges and motivations, Shaila was able to build healthy habits that will stay with her for life!

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