back arrow Case Study: Ms. Sonali Potdar
Ms. Sonali Potdar’s Medical History & Profile
Age 44 years
Weight (Before Diabefly) 76.6 kg
Height 155 cm
BMI (Before Diabefly) 31.9 kg/m2 (Obese)
Health Conditions Type 2 diabetes & Hypertension
  • As part of her Diabefly intervention, Ms. Potdar had a detailed initial physical fitness assessment with a trained Physiotherapist. This assessment was critical in offering a personalised exercise prescription that would help her achieve her blood sugar goals.

Sonali enrolled in Diabefly on his Doctor’s recommendation and here’s how we helped him in just 3 months.

Ms. Sonali Potdar’s Body Composition Outcomes from Diabefly

3-month results

Parameter Initial Final Remarks
Weight 76.6 kg 71.6 kg Weight loss of 5 kg
Waist Circumference 101.6 cm 86 cm Reduced by 15.6 cm
Hip Circumference 105 cm 106 cm No significant change
Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) 0.96 0.81 Achieved normal WHR
Body Mass Index (BMI) 31.9 kg/sq m 29.8 kg/sq m BMI significantly reduced

Ms. Sonali Potdar’s Fitness Outcomes from Diabefly

3-month results

Test Initial Performance Final Performance
Upper Body Strength Test
(1 Min. Modified Push-Up Test)
28 46
Lower Body Strength Test
(1 Min.Wall-Sit Test)
5.05 sec 25 sec
Core Strength Test
(1 Min. Sit-Up Test)
25 47
Flexibility Test
(V-Sit & Reach Test)
0.5 inches 8 inches
Final Scores 19/44 35/44
Exercise Duration 0 min / week 240 min/week

Ms. Sonali Potdar’s Outcomes & Improvements from Diabefly

3-months results

  • HbA1c dropped from 6.8% to 6.2% showing a total of 8.8% improvement
  • Upper Body Strength improved by 64%
  • Lower Body Strength improved by 400%
  • Core Strength improved by 88%
  • Flexibility has reached the ‘Excellent category’ of performance
  • Her overall fitness score has improved by 84%

The guidance from the Diabefly team combined with her dedication resulted in improved blood sugars WITHOUT the need for medications.

Sonali’s Diabefly Physiotherapy Journey:

We started with an in-depth call to understand her medical history and current fitness levels. Based on this, Sonali’s Physiotherapist created a personalised exercise prescription which aimed at slowly improving her activity levels. It had a mix of cardio exercises with strength training exercises to help her achieve her blood sugar goals. The plan was created based on the results of her initial assessments.

Following this, Sonali was able to exercise every day as per her Physiotherapist’s counselling, guidance and constant motivation. At the 45-day mark – when Sonali was mid-way through her program – she and her Physiotherapists spoke again to check the progress so far. At this point, Sonali was also given a new exercise prescription to help up her levels.

Lastly, at the end of the program, she and her Physiotherapist were happy to see the progress Sonali had made in 3 months. Her fitness levels showed remarkable improvement and she felt healthier overall.

The 3-month journey with Diabefly has had a positive impact on Sonali’s life. She is proud of how far she has come in her fitness journey too. And the fact that her Doctor has not put on her any medications for diabetes is the cherry on the cake.

In fact, leading such a disciplined life also benefitted her post-COVID recovery. The results we’ve presented today were seen six weeks after her COVID-19 recovery and that’s a great achievement!

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