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Navdeep's Medical History & Profile
Age 51 years
Weight (Before Diabefly Pro) 82 kg
Height 173 cm
BMI (Before Diabefly Pro) 27.4 kg/m2
Health Conditions Type 2 diabetes (Diagnosed 15 years before enrolling in Diabefly Pro)
  • High blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol (dyslipidemia) - was on medication.
  • Family history of diabetes.
  • Works as a sales representative involving a lot of travelling and eating out.

Navdeep joined Diabefly Pro on his Doctor’s recommendations. The first thing he told the Diabefly Coach during his profiling call was - ‘I want to reduce my medications!’.

And together with his Coach’s guidance and encouragement, he achieved it! His medications reduced at the end of 3 months and this is how it happened.

Navdeep’s results from Diabefly Pro

3-month results

Parameter Before Diabefly Pro After Diabefly Pro Result
Weight 82 kg 78 kg Lost 4 kg
HbA1c 9.5% 6.7% Reduced by 41.7%. Closer to the prediabetes range.
Medications On anti-diabetic medicines Reduced anti-diabetic medicines Medication dose reduced (Tab Invokana 100mg got reduced to 50 mg)

CGM Device Journey

Navdeep was on an CGM device for the first 14 days of the program. This device recorded his blood sugars every 15 minutes. Correlating these readings with his diet and lifestyle logs gave his Diabefly Coach invaluable insights about his routine. Here are the results from his CGM journey

Days 1-7 (Before):

Understanding Navdeep's current routine - he followed his usual diet, exercise and sleep routine. No change.

Days 8:

His Diabefly Coach suggested modifications in his diet, guided him on exercise and sleep based on his CGM report analysis.

Days 8-14 (After):

Navdeep altered his daily routine to incorporate the suggested modifications.

Parameter Days 1-7 (Before) Days 8-14 (After) Result
Daily Time In Range (TIR) Should aim to keep it above 70% 74% 87% 18% increase
Time above target Should aim to keep it at 0% 25% 0% Ideal value 100% decrease
Daily average blood sugar levels Should aim to keep it between 70
and 180 mg/dL for people with diabetes
143 mg/dL 101 mg/dL 29% decrease

After this for the next two and a half months, Navdeep got personalised diet plans, detailed nutritional assessments, exercise and stress management guidelines, tips to improve his sleep and more.

His Coach understood that his lifestyle as a Sales Representative involves a lot of travel and eating out - so she suggested changes that he could easily incorporate.

Problem Areas & Their Solution

These are the problem areas identified by Navdeep's Diabefly Coach and how changing them affected his health.

Parameter Solution Result
Long meal gaps
  • Counselled him to have frequent,
    small meals and gave healthy meal options.
  • Mutually decided a time for
    him to finish his meals.
  • The gaps in meal reduced.
  • Time-in-range improved by 18%
Unhealthy snacking with refined carbs Recommended healthy snack options
like roasted chana, makhana,
multigrain khakhra etc.
  • Carb intake decreased by 21%
Intake of fruits with major
meals causing a postprandial
rise in blood sugar level
Advised him to eat fruits with
nuts as a mid-morning snack and
avoid fruits with main meals.
  • Stopped having fruits after major meals
  • Time above range improved by 100%

Navdeep achieved what he set out to do! His medications were reduced with Diabefly Pro’s personalised coaching. Even small changes made a huge impact on his lifestyle and resulted in better outcomes.

In fact, Navdeep has re-enrolled for Diabefly Pro - that’s how much he appreciated the support and guidance!

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About Diabefly Pro

Diabefly Pro is an Indian Diabetes Management Program which is available digitally through the Fitterfly App. This 3-month diabetes management program is designed by experts and has proven to reduce average HbA1c by 1.22% in 85% of the customers using it.

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