Fitterfly Lactation Wellness Program

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Fitterfly Lactation Wellness Program is designed
to ensure balanced nutrition and complete support for exclusive
breastfeeding for the first 6 months.

Fitterfly Lactation Wellness Program Features

  • Breastfeeding & Infant Bonding
  • Pumping & Storing Guidance
  • Diet Analysis & Personalised Meal Plans
  • Weight Management
  • Consultations with Lactation Educator
  • Unlimited Chat Support

Designed to help breastfeeding moms have a cherishable and comfortable lactation experience. Our services include guidance to exclusively breastfeed, detailed nutrition analysis and diet plan, meal plans for weight management and newborn/baby nutrition, weaning support and much more!
Choose a program that suits you and your baby's needs and get started either immediately after birth or at some time in the first 6 months.

Premium Lactation Wellness Programs starting at ₹ 1500/-

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*Fitterfly diet and nutrition database and software is an award-winning software and is used by members of Indian Dietetics Association (IDA), promoted by Early Childhood Association (ECA) and supported by many doctors. After working in the field of pediatric nutrition, we have realised the importance of the right nutrition right from the womb.