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Digital Therapeutics
(DTx) Programs

For Diabetes, Prediabetes & Weight Management


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We Collect Your Data

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Stress
  • Sleep

We Analyse Your Data

  • Proprietary CGM/SMBG Based Meal Mapping
  • Macro & Micronutrient Reports
  • 5-Parameter Fitness Scores
  • Globally-Validated Stress & Sleep Reports

We Identify The Gaps

  • Motivation Gaps
  • Knowledge Gaps
  • Ability Gaps
  • Compliance Gaps

We Create Plans That Fit

  • Diet Modification
  • Custom Exercise Plans
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Guidance
  • Stress Counselling


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What is Fitterfly’s Diabetes Management Program?

Fiiterfly’s diabetes management programs are award-winning, clinically-validated, personalized programs with proven outcomes. They are tailored to fit your lifestyle and have a comprehensive approach to diabetes management by focusing on all factors that affect your blood sugar levels namely nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep. This digital therapeutics program is delivered through the Fitterfly Metabolic Health App.

What is diabetes remission?

Diabetes remission is the clinical term that is used for reducing your HbA1c levels to 6.5% or below and maintaining it for 3 months or more without medication. It is commonly referred to as diabetes reversal. It is possible to achieve type 2 diabetes remission, especially if you start during the golden period of your diagnosis. Check what you can achieve based on your health profile by using Fitterfly’s diabetes reversal calculator.

Through intensive lifestyle interventions which are rooted in building healthy lifestyle habits, it is possible for you to achieve diabetes remission. You can contact our program advisors here or book an online diabetes doctor consultation to know more about your options.

Can diabetes be cured without medicine?

While naturopathy treatment for diabetes exists it is not clinically validated. However, if you are within the first 5 years of your diagnosis, with committed intensive lifestyle intervention and expert guidance you achieve diabetes remission without ever having to start diabetes medicines.

How does one achieve diabetes remission?

Through intensive lifestyle interventions that allow you to build healthy and sustainable habits, one can achieve diabetes remission. To achieve diabetes remission you should be able to manage all the factors that affect your blood sugar levels such as diet, exercise, stress, and sleep. With expert guidance and hand-holding, it is possible for you to achieve diabetes remission. Even if you are not able to achieve clinical diabetes remission you can still achieve a significant reduction in your HbA1c and medication with improved quality of life.

When is type 2 diabetes said to be in remission?

When your Hba1c levels are at 6.5% or lower and you can maintain this without medication for 3 months or more, you are said to be in diabetes remission.

Is there a difference between Diabetes Remission and Diabetes Reversal?

Diabetes remission is the clinical term which means a person’s HbA1c has gone to prediabetes level - 6.5% or lower without diabetes medication for 3 months. Diabetes reversal is the layman term for the same.

Is remission a cure for diabetes?

No, there is no cure for type 2 diabetes. However, diabetes remission is achieving a prediabetes level of HbA1c - 6.5% or lower. Once you are at this level it is important to maintain the lifestyle changes that helped you achieve remission. Fitterfly’s diabetes management program not only helps you reach your health goals but also empowers you to become a diabetes management expert. Our healthy habit-building approach helps you make lifestyle changes that you can sustain even after your program is over.

Is diabetes remission permanent?

No. Managing diabetes is a lifelong commitment to healthy habits. However, through expert hand-holding and a comprehensive diabetes management program, you will not only achieve diabetes remission but also learn how to sustain these outcomes.

How long can diabetes remission last?

Your diabetes remission will last as long as you sustain the healthy habits that allowed you to achieve diabetes remission.

Who can achieve type 2 diabetes remission?

Someone who has been diagnosed in the last 5 years has the highest chance of achieving diabetes remission. So much so that this period is known as the golden period for diabetes remission.

Can diabetes be controlled without medication?

Managing or treating type 2 diabetes without medication may seem unbelievable, but it is possible. With a personalized plan that focuses on all aspects that affect type 2 diabetes, such as - nutrition, exercise, stress, & sleep management. People can reduce their blood sugar levels gradually. Once they can sustain low blood sugar levels, they can reduce dependency or in some cases stop their medication. Especially, for those with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, one can even reverse diabetes with this approach. Diabetes reversal is said to be achieved when the HbA1C is maintained below 6% without medicines for 6 months.

How to manage type 2 diabetes?

With early action and the right plan, diabetes management becomes easy. It is important to work on all the aspects that affect blood sugar - diet, fitness, stress, and sleep, to lower your HbA1C levels enough to reduce dependency on medication or get off them completely. While your doctor helps you with medical management, a diabetes care plan focuses on all other factors that affect type 2 diabetes. Make sure you choose a diabetes management plan with one-on-one coaching to guide and support you through a stress-free transition to better health.

Can blood sugar levels be controlled immediately?

Controlling sugar levels and maintaining them is the most important part of diabetes management. While the shortest and swiftest path to this is by taking insulin and/or medicines prescribed by your doctor, a more sustainable way is to choose a comprehensive diabetes management plan - one that is doctor-recommended and designed. An effective diabetes management plan will consist of a personalized plan for reducing your blood sugar levels, by focusing on diet, exercise, sleep, & stress management. Such a plan will target the root causes of insulin resistance and allow your body to utilize blood glucose more effectively

How to maintain blood sugar levels well?

Diabetes Management depends on four main factors that affect blood sugar levels; these are - diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress. The key is to get a personalized plan that is created after an in-depth assessment of all these factors. An effective plan should be easy-to-follow and focus on behavioral changes that allow you to form healthy habits and to ensure, you maintain the results for a lifetime.

Can prediabetes be reversed permanently?

Yes, prediabetes can be reversed. The most effective pathway to Prediabetes cure is to focus on exercise, healthy eating, managing stress, sleep management, and weight loss. These lifestyle modifications can help you to reverse your prediabetes. You can prevent or delay prediabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes with simple and proven lifestyle changes. An effective plan for prediabetes cure should include in-depth assessments, expert guidance, and personalized solutions.

What level of blood sugar is considered dangerous?

According to the University of Michigan, blood sugar levels of 300 mg/dL or more over a long time can be harmful to your health. Therefore, it is crucial during diabetes management to constantly monitor your blood sugar levels and keep them under control with expert guidance and an effective management plan.

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Fitterfly’s Diabetes Care, Management, and Remission Program

Fitterfly is a new-age health tech company that provides smart, personalized, and proven digital therapeutics solutions in India. True to our 'Prevent-Manage-Reverse’ philosophy we provide comprehensive solutions for stubborn weight, prediabetes, & type 2 diabetes management programs in India.

We offer a clinically-validated, digital-led therapy that connects our members, health coaches & healthcare providers in meaningful ways to enable sustainable behavior change that is at the core of good health.

Our programs - Fitterfly Diabetes Care, Fitterfly Diabetes CGM, Fitterfly Diabetes Prime, and Fitterfly Weightloss are not only trusted by 1000+ doctors for their patients but also by companies looking to secure the health of their employees. Founded by Dr Arbinder Singal, a gold medallist from AIIMS, the team boasts of the top experts in medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology, product, technology, operations, marketing and sales.

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