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Diabetes Prime 12 months
43,999 19,999
Diabetes Prime 6 months
33,999 15,999
Diabetes Care 3 months
14,999 6,499
Weight Loss 6 months
26,999 11,499
Weight Loss 3 months
14,999 6,499

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What is CGM? How will it help me in Diabetes Control?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a sticker-like, painless device that records your blood sugar levels every 15 minutes for 14 days - giving us 1300+ blood glucose readings. Using these readings, your Fitterfly Coach can help you understand the exact causes behind the daily ups and downs in your blood sugar levels. Once we know the causes, we can help you make positive changes in your diet.

Can Fitterfly help reverse my diabetes?

Yes, it can. Diabetes cannot be cured but it can be reversed - meaning your HbA1c levels can be in the prediabetes range (less than 6.4%). This is possible in early stages of diabetes for people compliant with Fitterfly. Your Doctor could potentially discontinue your medicines if you continue following a healthy lifestyle.

I hate dieting! Will I have to follow a strict diet in the program?

The key to real weight loss is behaviour change and not strict dieting. We do give diet plans in Fitterfly but, unlike other diet programs, our diet plans are not strict and restrictive. Fitterfly Coaches design diet plans keeping in mind likes, dislikes, routine & the staple foods cooked at home. Trust us, it won’t feel like ‘dieting’ but the results will speak for themselves.

Will I put on weight again after 3 months?

When someone looses weight with the help of fad diets like keto, paleo etc., they loose weight very fast but such weight loss is not sustainable and as they stop the diet, they tend to gain weight again. But, we do not give you any such strict diets, rather we only make moderations in your lifestyle, which makes it easy for you to follow even after the program is over. Thus your weight loss is sustainable and if followed diligently, will not gain weight again.

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