Sports Nutrition & Fitness Packages

The Fitterfly Sports Package Advantage

Unlike regular nutritionists who only deal with macronutrients, which include only carbs, fats and protein in the diet, Fitterfly sports nutritionists help analyse micronutrients including 18 key vitamins and minerals, which will help improve your health and performance. Here is what you can expect
from the Fitterfly Sports Package:

Sports Nutrition Consultation

Detailed diet analysis of the sportsperson will be done using dietary recall and 18 nutrient analysis in Ntuitive software. Specialised diet plan and guidelines specific to goal, sports, body composition and their diet analysis will be provided at the time of consultation.

Body Composition Analysis

Analysing a sportsperson’s body composition helps gain insight into physical health as it gives the percentage of body’s fat, bone, water and muscle. Complete report on body composition will be given to you along with the explanation and strategies to improve your body composition.

Reaction Time Assessment

Reaction time testing assesses an individual's ability to see, process and react to visual information quickly which is a very important factor for performance. Report on the reaction time test score will be shared with the sportsperson.

Sports Nutrition & Fitness Package

An ideal package for a sportsperson to analyse the nutrition as well as fitness parameters to improve the performance.

In addition to diet and fitness, our Sports Nutrition Clinics are affiliated with hospitals and physicians and can offer advanced blood tests and doctor consultation for children and adults to investigate whether there are any deficiencies in vital nutrients.

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Our Nutritionist

Zoya Anis
Zoya Anis Sports Nutritionist

Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology (Hons) & Biochemistry; Master's Degree in Sports Nutrition

With a Sports Nutrition background, Zoya is passionate about practices in fitness & nutrition. She has worked for more than 2 years at Sports Nutrition Centre & dealt with various athletes & fitness enthusiasts. She has done research work with Mumbai Cricket Association to assess Nutrition Knowledge, Dietary Habits & Fitness Status of 11-24 year-old Female Cricketers. Additionally, she is experienced in speedy recovery from sports specific injuries with nutritional treatment. She has done comparative study among male marathoners with history of heart disease to assess their physical fitness & nutrition levels. She had volunteered for the ‘Nutrition Boot Camp’ for the ‘Mirror Girls Soccer League’ organized by Indian Dietetics Association, Mumbai Chapter. She has also medically volunteered representing Asian Heart Institute in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. Currently, she is working on developing a new formula for athlete's total calorific requirement.