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Why? Research done over a period of 50 years has correlated physical fitness in childhood with lifestyle diseases in adulthood. This research proves that children who are physically fit have significantly lower lifestyle diseases when they grow up. Once a person develops a lifestyle disease, all he can do is take medical help to keep it under control. Thus, Fitness in Adulthood is already too late and need to be inculcated in children before the age of 15 years.

FitterFly is the most advanced fitness assessment program in the world. Using internationally accepted benchmarks, FitterFly has devised a Fitness Assessment Methodology which considers the gender and age of the child and recommends an individual development program that will help the child get back in shape. Such testing program exists in developed countries like USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore as well as several countries in Europe. By adopting such programs the countries have successfully reduced lifestyle diseases in the population.

The FitterFly assessment program is non-intrusive and a set of fun tasks. FitterFly provides the software, we also train and handhold your team in these assessments.

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