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Aug 06, 2017

74% students In City have Low Stamina, Finds Study

Navi Mumbai : As many as 74% of school students in Navi Mumbai have low stamina, a survey conducted by a fitness centre has found. FitterFly, a fitness and nutritiontesting centre for children, interviewed 10,000 students, aged, between 5 and 15, from Navi Mumbai schools for the study.

Nearly 37% of students are obese,said Dr Arbinder Singal, head of FitterFly and a pediatric urologist."The survey results are very shocking indeed... 80% of the children have low muscle strength, 50% have low calcium and 60% lack iron in their diet," said Dr Singal.He said a lot of kids with normal BMI have only 20% stamina. According to Singal, "It is our job aseducationists, parents and doctors to help generation next to follow a healthylifestyle."He advised parents to avoid invasive tests for children and regular fitness assessment to check stamina, body composition, core strength, endurance and flexibility.

He also suggested that parents ensure a balance diet rich with nutrients including, iron, calcium, protein, folicacid, omega3 and fibre for their children."We need to work together for a healthier future. We need to act proactively so that children dont developearly lifestylediseases," added Singal.

37% Students Are Obese

Here are the findings of the survey

  • 74% Proportion of students who have low stamina
  • 37% Are overweight or obese
  • 80% Lack in muscle strength
  • 5O% Have low calcium
  • 60% Have low iron in their diet
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