Treat the root cause of diabetes with Diabefly. Don't settle for temporary results!

Scientific Help, Personalised For You

Get filtered, authentic guidance from experts who understand you, your medical history and your diabetes treatment goals.

A Healthy Lifestyle You’ll Love

Make healthy living a daily routine for yourself with data-backed non-restrictive diets, exercise plans & mental-wellness guidance.

Holistic Care For Lifelong Results

Achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself with a 360° approach that addresses every aspect of diabetes treatment.

Treat the root cause of diabetes with Diabefly. Don't settle for temporary results!

A 3-Month Easy-To-Follow Holistic Program Designed

Day 1

Meet our team

One-on-one profiling call with your Coach to understand your health status & goals

Days 1-14

Understand Your Personalised Glycemic Response (PGR)

Correlate your daily routine with your blood sugar readings from a CGM device to understand your PGR

Day 15

Get Personalised Plans Based On Initial Assessments

Experts share your diet, exercise & mental wellness plans based on the initial assessments

Day 30

Track Progress At The 30-Day Mark

Changes in blood sugars, weight, activity etc measured and new plans shared accordingly

Day 60

Track Progress, Course Correct & Revise Final Plans

Plans revised based on progress for the last month of the program with the aim to achieve your final goals

Day 90

Achieve Your Goals & Make Healthy Habits For Life!

Chart the end of the program results and prepare to take charge of your diabetes on your own now.

Top Doctors Recommend Diabefly To Their Patients

What Customers Get With Fitterfly?

Dedicated Team Of Experts

A nutritionist, physiotherapist & psychologist to guide & motivate you

Analysis-Based Diet Plans

Personalised diet plans based on your current nutritional analysis

Personalised Exercises

Designed keeping in mind your goals and initial fitness assessments

Mental-Wellbeing Sessions

Assessment-based one-on-one & group sessions to address your mental health

Health Tracking

Regular blood sugar, weight, waist circumference measurements

Educational Material

Easy-to-understand, practical information about your health & condition

Progress Reports For Docs

Regularly shared by the team to keep them informed

Exclusive Videos

Expert videos about healthy recipes, exercises, mindfulness and more

Partners who Trust Fitterfly's Solutions

Internationally recognised program results

Recognition of Our Work in Leading Media

Save Rs 10 Lakhs+ In Medical Expenses Over The Next Decade

Studies have proven that 1% reduction in HbA1c helps In

Reduction in Heart attack


Kidney, Eye and Nerve complications




Diabetes-related deaths


How is Diabefly Pro different from Diabefly?

Both Diabefly and Diabefly Pro are designed to offer personalised care and guidance to help you achieve your blood sugar goals. Diabefly uses blood sugar readings from your existing glucometer whereas Diabefly Pro uses an Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM) with flash technology. Diabefly Pro gives us 1300+ readings over 14 days allowing us to chart your blood sugar fluctuations against your diet

What is CGM? How will it help me in Diabetes Control?

Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a sticker-like, painless device that records your blood sugar levels every 15 minutes for 14 days - giving us 1300+ blood glucose readings. Using these readings, your Diabefly Coach can help you understand the exact causes behind the daily ups and downs in your blood sugar levels. Once we know the causes, we can help you make positive changes in your diet and

Can Diabefly help reverse my diabetes?

Yes, it can. Diabetes cannot be cured but it can be reversed - meaning your HbA1c levels can be in the prediabetes range (less than 6.4%). This is possible in early stages of diabetes for people compliant with Diabefly. Your Doctor could potentially discontinue your medicines if you continue following a healthy lifestyle.

I hate following diets. Will I have to follow one on Diabefly?

Yes, you will but unlike other diet programs, our diet plans are science backed and are not restrictive. The foods which raise blood glucose are different in different people. Why stop eating something which is not raising your blood glucose? That's the science behind Diabefly. Plus, our Diabefly Coaches design diet plans keeping your likes, dislikes and the staple foods cooked at home in mind. Tr