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In India, nine crore people are living with Prediabetes. Almost 75% of these will go on to develop diabetes within the next 5 years. To spread awareness about Prediabetes and flatten the curve of diabetes, renowned experts & doctors in the field of Endocrinology & Diabetology will come together to mark a first-time global event on August 14 as World Prediabetes Day

This event has been strategically chosen 90 days ahead of Diabetes day as scientifically it takes 90 days to mend the lifestyle to reverse Prediabetes and prevent progression to diabetes. So be part of this grand initiative from Fitterfly, Roche Diabetes Care, Lal Path Labs and USV and restyle your way of life to fight Prediabetes.


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Formulate a Treatment Plan Designed For You

Our expert Diabetes educators, Physiotherapists and Psychologists formulate a plan for your body based on your body’s Glycemic response

Reverse Prediabetes, Prevent Diabetes

Improve your blood sugar levels in 13 weeks, delay the progression to diabetes and prevent the need for medications

Data-driven Personalisation For Better Results

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A 3-Month Easy-To-Follow Holistic Program

Day 1

Share Your Medical History & Goals

One-on-one profiling call with your Coach to understand your health status & goals

Days 1-14

Understand the causes of blood sugar fluctuations

Correlate your daily routine with blood sugar readings from a glucometer to understand what spikes it.

Day 15

Get Personalised Plans Based On Initial Assessments

Experts share your diet, exercise & mental wellness plans based on the initial assessments

Day 30

Track Progress At The 30-Day Mark

Changes in blood sugars, weight, activity etc measured and new plans shared accordingly

Day 60

Track Progress & Revise Final Plans

Plans revised based on progress for the last month of the program with the aim to achieve your final goals

Day 90

Achieve Your Goals & Make Healthy Habits For Life!

Chart the end of the program results and prepare to take charge of your diabetes on your own now

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