Fitness Assessment

Fitterfly Fitness Program is aimed at schools, Academies

Fitterfly Fitness Assessments are a set of 10 Fun tasks. Fitterfly provides the software as well as the test assessment Methodology for doing the Assessments.

We check the following core areas

  1. Stamina (Aerobic Capacity)
  2. Bone and Muscle Strength
  3. BMI (Body Composition)


Why is fitness important for children?

Modern age has led to decrease in physical work for all of us. Kids used to walk or cycle to school, which has now been replaced by chauffeur driven cars. Outdoor playing has been taken over by video games at home. A sumptuous meal of nutritious, home-cooked food made by our mothers has been replaced by a big fat burger from a fast food joint. The result is an early onset of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid, obesity etc.The average age of onset of lifestyle diseases has decreased from 60 years to 30 years. Hence, starting the kids on the path of good fitness and healthy eating is the path to a fulfilling life and that is the aim of FitterFly.

How does fitness testing help children?

Did you know that a child who looks active & lean may not be necessarily healthy or fit? Did you know that a seemingly plump child could be healthy & fit? Did you know that a child who plays sports very well could be low on a vital fitness parameter? The way a blood test reveals all that is going on within our body, a fitness assessment clearly reveals the health of our cardiovascular system, muscles & bones. Hence, it is important for every child to go through a fitness assessment, once every 6 months.

How do we measure fitness in children?

The FitterFly Assessment is a set of 9 tests that measure the following for the child: - Stamina - Body Composition (Height, Weight, BMI, Body Fat) - Hand Strength - Leg Strength - Core Strength - Flexibility

What is the correct age for taking fitness assessments?

FitterFly Fitness Assessment can be taken by children above 5 years of age.

Are the tests same for children of all age group?

The comprehensive test battery for children above 9 years, comprises of 9 tests. For children between 5 and 9 years, we have the shorter version of the test battery, comprising of 7 age-appropriate tests.

Will my child get tired during the assessment process?

Our fitness assessments are strenuous as we test the child’s extreme capacity on the various fitness parameters. However, in the past, children who have taken the tests have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Is there a chance of injury during the assessment process?

We take all measures to ensure each and every child’s safety and the chances of getting injured during the tests are very low. We also suggest that the child wears proper running shoes, so that he/she doesn’t fall during the running test. At the time of test, we ensure that the children perform the tests according to their individual capacities and not try to compete with each other during the tests.

What precautions do we need to take before and during the tests

On the day of the test, kindly make sure that the child: - Is wearing comfortable sport shoes, preferably ones without laces - Is carrying a water bottle to maintain hydration - Is wearing sports attire/uniform (for easy running, jumping & stretching) - Does not eat anything at least 1.5 hours prior to the test.

Is the fitness assessment in children reliable at FitterFly?

Our tests and their methodology have been designed by senior fitness coaches with PhD in physical education. The machines and the testers are also trained well to conduct these tests in young kids. Finally, we have used cutting edge technology and algorithms to devise the final fitness score and tested its validity on various age groups of children. Hence, the tests and their reports are very reliable.

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