Top 5 reasons to ensure breakfast is a must for your child !!

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  • Posted On August 12, 2017


Breakfast is ‘THE AWESOME’ way to offer body the refueling it needs. Mornings generally are quite hectic for any family and during this time getting kids to eat something can definitely turn out to be a challenge for the parents. However, this kind of challenge is worth accepting for a simple fact that this will lead to your child accruing bundle of health benefits.

Reasons for non consumption of breakfast are MANY- which include shortage of time, absence of hunger at such early hours, no interest in eating heavy at this time, and sometimes no encouragement from the parent’s side to eat breakfast. No matter what the reason is, parents can and should find a way to get through this.

Also, making the child eat breakfast in the morning is just a matter of habit. Trust us, it might be difficult initially but the payoff is quite big in terms of their advantages in your child’s health and future life.

Our child nutrition experts at FitterFly believe that it’s important and 100 % worth to alteast try consuming breakfast on a regular basis. We are listing down 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait for another day more and make your child consume breakfast everyday!

  • Source of energy:  As the word explains Breakfast is breaking the fast after almost 10-12 hours of sleep time. Thus having breakfast energises child's body, keeps them active till another meal and helps keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day. Children who miss breakfast usually lack energy as well as show little strength and endurance to get involved in any physical activity.
  • Weight Control: Kids who eat breakfast tend to be overall healthy and are more likely to participate in physical activities- which is obviously an amazing way to help maintain healthy weight. Starting early morning with breakfast boosts the child’s metabolism. It also helps to set a normal eating pattern and affects the other meals that the child consumes throughout the day. It not only reduces risk for overeating but also fights day time cravings.
  • Power your child’s brain: Nutritious breakfast is proven to be good for brain as it improves concentration and productivity. Hence breakfast is considered as a Brain Food for our children.
  • Effect on the mood: If your child doesn’t munch on a good breakfast, their mood and energy can drop by mid-morning which might affect their school and play time and in general their attitude and behavior all throughout the day.
  • Improvement in nutritional status: Breakfast eaters get a chance to consume all the important nutrients through the healthy meal quite early in the morning. A good way to give your child’s body a quick boost of the much needed nutrients as soon as they wake up! Serve them with a mix of healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates and your child will be on their way to hitting all those recommended daily targets.

After all, only if we fuel our child’s brain and body after a night of fasting with some healthy food, can we expect them to perform their best. Opt for quick and nutritious breakfast options which should not take much of your time, however can make a great difference in your child’s health and their mood.

Remember when you help your child eat a nutritious breakfast, you are giving them the opportunity to have a fantastic day, to be healthy and help them build good eating habits that will last for a lifetime!!!

Watch out for top quick and best breakfast options to ensure your child can choose one of the many options.

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