Phosphorus rich foods for your child - Know the Best 12!

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  • Posted On September 09, 2017



The second most vital element after calcium responsible for maintaining bone health is Phosphorus. It is an essential part of our child’s diet, since most of the growth and development that takes place starts from a young age and requires proper proportion of all nutrients.

When your child’s diet contains enough calcium and protein, they are likely to have sufficient phosphorus. That’s because many of the foods that are high in calcium and protein are also high in phosphorous. However, animal proteins have more bio available phosphorus than plant proteins.

Phosphorus rich food choices are relatively easy to be placed in a balanced, nutritious daily meal. What needs to be figured out is which foods contain phosphorus and an approximate estimate of the amount required for your child. Our Pediatric nutrition experts at FitterFly have listed for you - best 12 options of natural foods for getting phosphorus in your child’s diet.

  • Amaranth Seeds (Rajgeera)- Being rich in protein and being gluten free, this cereal promises to offer a host of nutritional benefits for your child. 1 tbsp of Amaranth Seeds gives 61.8 mg of phosphorus which could be utilized in the form of its flour for making rotis or paired with other grains to make multigrain parathas. A rajgeera ladoo /chikki or a bowl of this grain’s porridge can also boost up the phosphorus in your child’s diet.
  • Jowar -This is one of the healthiest choices you can make for your child’s phosphorus intake. 1 tbsp of jowar flour gives 41.1 mg of phosphorus which could be offered as a roti in your child’s meal. A sweet porridge made from jowar can add to the delight of your little one’s sweet-tooth or it can be mixed with idli/dosa batter, thus pushing this phosphorus rich grain to be a part of your child’s routine diet.
  • Wheat flour- Little did we know that this staple cereal we consume is also rich in phosphorus! 2 tbsp of Wheat atta gives 94.5 mg of phosphorus which can be consumed as chapatis, phulkas, poories, or mixed with other flours and eaten as multigrain chapatis. Wheat consumed as porridge or halwa continues to be a hot favorite amongst children.
  • Field Bean-A bowl of field beans curry (1 tbsp of field beans gives 68.5 mg of phosphorus ) in your child’s diet can elevate the phosphorus levels too!
  • Soyabean (1 tbsp of Soy gives 74.1 mg of phosphorus ) can be included in the diet in a multitude of ways as soya chunks, soy granules, soya flour to make rice, bhurji or even added to chapatis or parathas.
  • Khoa - This dairy product finds a special place in most of the sweet dishes in India , it being the basis of many traditional sweets.  Around 2 tsp of khoa included as peda, burfi or halwa gives 6 mg of phosphorus
  • Paneer - Paneer is a super food for your child and is highly beneficial for their growth and development. 20 gms of Paneer in the form of 1 bowl paneer bhaji or a single paneer paratha gives 66 mg of phosphorus. Truly a blessing for vegetarians as it contributes to protein and calcium also!! Can serve as good snack to kill those hunger pangs for your child.
  • Cow’s milk-Dairy products generally are good sources of phosphorus as they have a more balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio. Thus a large glass of milk (250 ml which gives around 241.4 mg of phosphorus) takes care of 30-40 % of your child’s daily phosphorus requirement depending upon the child’s age group.
  • Egg yolk boiled - Egg is a good source of phosphorus but different parts of the egg contain different amount of phosphorus, egg yolk having the highest proportion ( 1 yolk gives 117.2 mg) of phosphorus content. 
  • Chicken - A healthy and a filling option for non-vegetarian kids to pick up their phosphorus!! 1 bowl of chicken curry gives approx 99.5 mg of phosphorus. Cook chicken in healthy and nutritious ways for your child to enjoy its benefits.
  • Cat Fish -Including this nutritious fish in your diet helps you meet your protein, healthy fats and fatty acid needs and boosts your intake of phosphorus too! Consider this fish regularly in your meal planning, it’s tasty, can be used for a variety of dishes, the best part of it being that it’s healthy (50g of this fish offers 126 mg of phosphorus)
  • Almond -Being rich in many nutrients, almonds are beneficial for kids. It’s a tasty nut which could be eaten as such or added onto sweet preparations like sheera, kheer, porridge, etc as 2 tsp of almonds gives 44.6 mg of phosphorus.

These are some of the top options for those who want to include more amount of phosphorus in their child’s daily diets. Think about which of these suit most to your child’s nutritional needs and dietary schedule and choose accordingly!!! 

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