Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods For Your Child's Bones

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  • Posted On August 14, 2017


There is clear awareness amongst people that every child needs calcium for healthy and strong bones. The advantages of calcium, however goes beyond that. This mineral helps in healthy functioning of your nerve system, is required for blood clotting, regulates contraction of heart muscles and has much more to contribute in terms of its positive effects. Calcium, thus is the most vital element required for normal growth and development in children.

 Our child nutritionists in Mumbai at FitterFly have listed below top 10 calcium rich foods for children which are a must have to achieve the desired calcium levels.

1)Milk – Cow’s milk – 1 medium glass (150 ml) : 177 mg of calcium, Buffalo’s milk - 1 medium glass (150 ml): 182mg of calcium.

The easiest way to collect a major portion of calcium from the diet is through a glass of milk. Easily digestible and absorbable, milk is definitely one for the highest source for this nutrient. Milk can be consumed as such or it could be added to your child’s diet in the form of milkshakes, or through sweet preparations like sheera, kheer,etc.

2)Curd (Dahi)- 1 large bowl(200gms):298mg of calcium

Does your child have an aversion to milk? If yes,don’t worry…increase the calcium count of your child through consumption of curd which also contains healthy bacteria for your child’s gut. With 298mg of calcium coming from a large bowl of curd, this food works as an amazing substitute to milk.

3)Drumstick Leaves- 50g of drumstick leaves :157 mg of calcium

There’s no need to only rely on dairy products to obtain calcium. Drumstick leaves are the richest source of calcium.  Including these leaves in your child’s daily diet will contribute to meeting their requirements of calcium and more…Add the greens to rotis/dosa or mash them into gravies/curries or pulao.

 4)Gingelly Seeds(til) 1 teaspoon : 83 mg of calcium.

 These little seeds commonly known as til when added onto various recipes even in smaller amounts give loads of calcium. Little did we know that apart from contributing to the taste, these could actually help our kids gain those extra calcium required in the diet.

 5)Ragi(Nachni) -2 tablespoon of uncooked ragi : 109 mg of calcium

There is no cereal which can be compared to ragi when it comes to its calcium content. Incorporating nachni in porridge/kheer, idli/dosas or including it as bhakri in the diet of our growing children is a good way to reap its benefits.

6) Amaranth(Rajgira) -2 tablespoon of uncooked amaranth seeds : 54 mg of calcium

If you have still not added this easily available cereal in your diet, there’s no time like now to start it rightaway. Make delicious pooris, parathas and rotis of calcium rich Rajgira flour or just include them to make tasty kheer or chikki/ladoos.

 7)Horsegram(Kulith) -2 tablespoon of uncooked horsegram : 80.7 mg of calcium

A lesser known pulse, however horsegram is the one which has the highest calcium content amongst all pulses. This pulse can be easily incorporated in chutney, curries, soups, dosa batters,parathas, etc

8)Soyabean-2 tablespoon of uncooked soyabean : 72 mg of calcium

Soy is a multi source of protein and calcium. Available as chunks, granules or powdered form of flour, it can be utilized in a variety of soups or gravies!

9)Bombay duck –dry (Sukkha Bombil)-  100g - 1389 mg of calcium,Bombay duck-fresh (Bombil)- 100g - 159 mg of calcium

If you are a non-vegetarian, these yummy fish is the right option in the diet to grab the calcium for your child. Fresh as well as dried forms both contribute to good amount of calcium. This fish could be either served as a curry or steamed with masalas. The dried version of fish could be incorporated in making chutneys.

10)Crab-100g - 1370 mg of calcium

Crab meat is a popular seafood favourite among seafood lovers in India and also considered as a universal delicacy. It’s meat is soft, delicate with a mild sweetness to it. Good news for seafood lovers if such a delicacy is going to add on the required calcium without any extra efforts, isn’t it?

We, at Fitterfly believe that though dairy products tend to be good contenders of calcium source, there are plenty of other good food sources of calcium- many of which are plant based that need to be explored. Your child’s calcium needs could be easily met by consuming this diverse list of available foods.

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