Healthy tiffin ideas for this monsoon..

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  • Posted On June 12, 2017

Raincoats, rainy shoes, wet school bags!!! With monsoon comes a deep craving for spicy and yummy food. A bite of pakodas and hot ginger tea takes a special place for many during a pleasant downpour.  What makes it more interesting for children is to see lip smacking foods packed for tiffin at school.

Let us take a tour with FitterFly to look at some interesting tips with a healthy, yet delicious twist!!

1. Work your food with spices for a yummy look: Use of amazing spices like pepper, cloves, lemon grass, asafoetida, coriander seeds etc are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. A list of recipes rich in these essential spices gives a healthy twist this monsoon.

  • Spicy Makhana- A rich source of calcium when enhanced with black salt, red chilli and pepper powder gives it a mouthwatering feel to your child when served in tiffin.
  • Bhakri exotica: Serve your daily chapati / bhakri with a dash of corn,pineapple, diced vegetables and grated cheese giving a colorful and an eye pleasing look to your child. 
  • Nutritious Canapes: Dress your canapes with a mix of freshly cut tomatoes, cucumber, corn, capsicum, grated garlic, tomato sauce, pepper powder and a dash of cream.

2. Go innovative with foods in your child’s tiffin:Dry delicious recipes should be your pick this monsoon to avoid monotony and most importantly spoilage caused due to excess dampness in air.

  • Cocoktail Idlis: With all south Indian food lovers, mothers can spice up mini rice idlis with addition of calcium rich ragi, a sauteed edge of curry leaves, mustard seeds, idli powder or malgapudi and capsicum.
  • Protein packed Sundal:A protein rich spicy snack in your child's tiffin keeps them going with energy at school. A mix of groundnuts, black chana, cucumber, raw mango, grated coconut and a hand of all added kitchen masalas is the right chana chaat to pick this rainy season.
  • Noodle cutlet: Treat your child's taste buds with healthy rice/wheat/vermicilli noodles packed between greens like capsicum, carrot, onions, potato, peas, chillies and garam masala baked or shallow fried for a healthy cutlet look. 
  • Indian Rissotto: Flavour your rice preparions with wholesome vegetables and some paneer cubes. Dont miss adding some sprouts or beans to make it a wholesome meal.

 Quick tips for making healthy tiffin:

  • Include kitchen spices to the fullest for essential benefits during monsoons.
  • Use of thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables keeps you going healthy.
  • Use dry ingredients for school tiffins to avoid spoilage.
  • Maintain hygiene by using boiled water and cleaned hands and utensils for cooking.
  • Choose to saute veggies before consuming them.
  • Avoid deep fried foods in the tiffin boxes as they may tend to get soggy. You can serve them as snacks after school instead.

Packing tiffins to the choices of children is always a task. Balance is the key and bringing in a twist to the junk varieties, adding colour can make it an interesting activity for both mummy and the child.

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