Recommendations for Iron in children

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  • Posted On August 28, 2017


Recommendations of all micro and macro nutrients for children are age and gender specific and are set by Indian Council of Medical Research. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) highly recommends children to meet the minimum requirement of Iron as stated to avoid deficiency of iron and associated health hazards.


Eating Iron rich sources isn’t enough!! Multiple dietary factors affect iron absorption in the body. Parents and children do have a look at them:

  1. Source of iron consumed: Plant or vegetarian sources are called “Non heme iron” and contribute to 10-25 % of absorption from total iron consumed. Animal sources of iron called as “Heme iron” contribute to 20-35% of total iron consumed from diet.
  2. Nutrients that are competitors to Iron: Calcium is a nutrient that competes with iron in the body for absorption from a diet rich in both iron and calcium. Natural food sources rich in these micronutrients cannot be avoided but care must be taken to consume foods rich and calcium separately to ensure body receives both respectively.
  3. Vitamin C is Iron’s best friend: Foods rich in Vitamin C like lemon, amla, guava etc when added to iron rich foods in diet, helps increase iron absorption in the body to a very large extent. Choose combinations in diet that consist both these nutrients.
  4. Say no to caffeine: Foods rich in caffeine and tannins like tea, coffee and cola beverages reduce absorption of iron in the body in spite of adequate iron intake from iron rich food sources.

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