Foods of Choice during Monsoon for Children

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  • Posted On May 12, 2017
It’s the time for Monsoons, the most awaited season of the year. After the scorching summer 
heat, grey skies, cool temperatures and rain showers refresh us. While the rain may relieve 
from the summer heat, it also brings with it a series of viruses, infections and the occasional 
viral flu, dengue, malaria and chikungunia. So, it is important to protect ourselves against 
these ailments to make the most of the pleasant weather.  
In order to keep children healthy, active and disease free follow these tips and we assure you they 
will build immunity and protect against infections throughout the monsoons: 
Antioxidant Rich Fruits 
Seasonal fruits like jamun, lychee, cherries, plum, peaches, oranges, chickoo ,star fruit are wonderful options  for children. They are packed with fibre and polyphenols that boost immunity and protect against gastrointestinal infections. Ensure the fruits are washed thoroghly under running water before use.
Mineral Rich Veggies 
Similarly vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli contain sulphur compounds and 
onion, garlic and ginger which are allium compounds must be consumed as they are potent 
antioxidants that also scavenge free radicals and protect against infections.  Adding abundance colour and fiber to the diet veggies must be well cooked,steamed or sauted before consumption.
Fibre Rich Corn  
●Lip smacking corn and its varieties including sweet corn and white corn galore in the markets serving as hot healthy snacks during monsoons. Loaded with fiber corn can be used in a variety of recipes to overcome monotony in meals for children.
Nutrition Packed Soup 
●Yummy vegetable soup with addition of whole spices and herbs is a must this season to keep 
children warm, disease free and healthy. 
Protein Packed Milk 
Sip on a hot cup of masala milk, flavoured milk or the traditional haldi milk while you enjoy 
the watching the pouring rain along with some vegetable or corn cutlets and stay healthy 
this monsoon. 
We at Fitterfly wish everybody a happy, healthy and a fit monsoon!!!!!!!! 
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