Choose Healthy Fats To Boost Heart Health And More

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  • Posted On June 24, 2017

With most readers here who are worried parents for their overweight children, must be looking for terms like “fat free diets” and “low calorie fats” in this article. Increased exposure to unhealthy fats coming from junk foods causes a natural sense of worry and alarm in all parents. At the same time consuming healthy fats is a concept that all parents and children must know to understand the need of fats for healthy growth without adding unhealthy sources of fats in your child’s plate.

Understanding benefits of fats for your child’s growth

  1. House of essential fatty acids: Healthy fats are required to supply body with essential fatty acids required for brain development and healthy heart of your child. Sources of fats like alpha linolenic acid (omega-3) and alpha-linoleic acid (omega-6) cannot be produced by body hence must be supplied from food sources.
  2. Rich carriers of vitamins: Presence of adequate quantities of fat help absorb certain fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K which are then stored in the liver in our body.
  3. Fat keeps stomach full: Intake of recommended quantities of fats in combination with adequate carbohydrates, protein and fiber help keep your child’s stomach full and prevent frequent munching on junk snacks.
  4. Body’s building blocks: Adequate and recommended quantities of fat intake helps in building hormones in the body along with natural insulation for nerves and tissues in the body.

Some facts you didn't know about fats

  1. Saturated fats, Trans fats and cholesterol are the most harmful and unhealthy choice of fats, yet the most child friendly sources of fats in diet. A conscious effort must be made to resort to healthy options.
  2. Most child friendly foods including chips, fried foods, fried non-veg, animal meats, cakes and baked foods, cookies, chocolates, hydrogenated vegetable oils contain high quantities of harmful fats. These must be replaced by substituting unsaturated fatty sources in diet.
  3. Cooking oils including healthy fats like olive oil, soybean oil etc at higher temperatures like during frying can cause natural hydrogenation converting unsaturated or healthy fats into harmful fats like trans fats. Parents must prepare foods at suggested oil temperatures called as “Smoking point” to avoid over heating of oil while cooking.
  4. Recommended guidelines state that saturated fats must be less than 10% of total calories, dietary cholesterol should be less than 300mg per day and ratio of MUFA: PUFA: SFA should be 1:1.5:1.


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