Easy ways to use nuts into daily recipes for children

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  • Posted On July 17, 2017

Knowing benefits is always interesting, but knowing ways to introduce in diet makes it intriguing. At FitterFly expert child nutritionists have best ideas to share on ways of introducing nuts in your child’s diet.

  1. Make place in your childs tiffin :
  • Sweet nut bars: Mixture of cereals like oats with different nuts in combination of dates, raisins, apricots and figs make nutritious sweet nut bars that can substitute your child’s favorite sweet. A ladoo or a chikki preparation can be flavorsome treat for short breaks in school.
  • Nut-popcorn break: Caramelized nuts like almonds or cashew-nuts can be added to pop-corns as a home snack at movie time.
  • Wholesome yogurt: Fruit yogurts with addition of cashew-nuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts added individually or in combination add nutritional value addition to a frozen flavored yogurt dessert.
  1. Add it to your child’s breakfast:
  • Start your day with a Nutty Porridge: Cereal friendly kids can choose porridge made of corn flakes, oats flakes, ragi flakes with added nuts like walnuts, almonds , cashew-nuts, black raisins and dates to pick on health benefits of nuts every single morning.
  • Omlette’s with an edge: Egg friendly kids can pick on egg omlettes with added crushed nuts that can be rolled in a bread to make a sandwich or roti to make a paratha with a different edge.
  • Go traditional with nuts: Cashew-nuts can be added to upmas, uttapas, poha with vegetables and coconut to make them interesting and attractive for young kids.

    3.     Nutritous Gems in your child’s meal:

  • Thick pureed vegetables: North Indian dishes with paneer have tomato gravies that can be made using poppy seeds or cashew-nuts making Indian homemade vegetables as flavorsome as yours kids favorite restaurant vegetable.
  • Pasta varieties: Italian pasta dishes made of different sauces like pesto can have addition of walnuts to give a unique flavor and nutritional touch to lunches.
  • Healthy accompaniments: Many kids love tangy and spicy foods like chutneys, dips etc and peanut preparation of groundnut chutney with Indian herbs and spices make it a perfect nutritious accompaniment for your kids to eat.
  1. Add to your child’s dessert:
  • Walnutty tarts: Chocolate tarts are kids friendly but they can be made healthy by addition of nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashew-nuts.
  • Baked Nut cookies: Homemade cookies and biscuits can solely be made of coco, nuts and cereal to give a nutritional edge to sweets.
  • Cakes and brownies: Cakes made of nuts in combination of a fruit for natural sweetness can be used as a different way to treat your child’s dessert with nuts.

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