Dusshera special daily foods for children

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  • Posted On September 30, 2017


Dusshera marks the rise of good and fall of evil for all Indians. Let this Dusshera be a special festival which reminds us the importance of good health, fighting incorrect food habits and following the path of righteous and nutritious food.

The beginning to a healthy life kick starts with conquering children’s eternal food evils like:                  Hunger pangs, No for breakfast, Low protein intake, Sweet tooth and  Affinity to junk foods.                          FitterFly child nutritionist lists some of the most vital foods that must be consumed by children daily to overpower food evils.

  1. CRUNCHY NUTS AND OILSEEDS - MY SOLUTION TO HUNGER PANGS:                                                      The time right between breakfast to lunch and snack time to dinner can make children cranky with small rising hunger pangs. Grab a handful of walnuts, almonds and flaxseeds with dried apricots to say a goodbye to unnoticed hunger.
  2. YUMMILICIOUS MILK and CURDAN ANSWER TO MY CHILD’S NO FOR BREAKFAST:                          A rat race with your child to feed him a glass of milk or eat breakfast every morning is a daily battle. Get innovative with addition of ragi, puffed rice flakes, raisins and jaggery to milk or flavored yogurt and treat your child with a wholesome smoothie breakfast. Let them lick it to the last sip once u add a tinge of cocoa in it.
  3. SOYABEAN AND PANEER - MAKES YOUR CHILD, A SUPER MAN and A WONDER WOMEN Irrespective of a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian food habit, children most likely lack adequate protein intake in diet. Quick toasted paneer with soyabean nuggets on barneque sticks flavored with zesty Indian spices like chaat masala, pepper and chilly flakes is the trick. Sliced fruits with it can be tried too….
  4. DRIED DATES HELPS VANQUISH SWEET CRAVINGS:                                                                                       Yummy modaks and fudge chocolates are children’s innocent sweet cravings. Don’t say “NO” for these but instead substitute their regular chocolates with healthier versions like home made yoga bars, granola bars and energy bar. Mix easily, ingredients like nuts, dried dates, cocoa powder, oats, jaggery and coconut. Mould them to desired shapes and freeze to let children give into healthy sweet cravings…..       
  5. RAJGIRA AND MAKHANA- HEALTHY JUNK OPTIONS:                                                                                         Over power your child’s daily pizza, pasta and burger cravings by using some healthy cereals to make just the same junk food healthy at home. Try out pizza bases, crackers, burger buns and lavash sticks using protein, calcium and iron rich rajgira flour and give boring snacking options a break. Toss some vegetables, chick pea, panner and tangy garnishings on these and see bhel, pizzas and frankies turn healthy. Use calcium rich makhana at snack time with sprinkled spices to overcome outside fatty popcorn cravings by children.

To a child with an empty stomach, food is heaven. Pick some of these vital foods daily for your child right when he is craving for it…….MAKE IT, LIVE IT AND ENJOY IT ONLY WITH FitterFly………

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