Benefits of Vitamin C

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  • Posted On October 13, 2017


Vitamin C or ascorbic acid as it is known, is one of the most powerful yet the most under rated nutrients required by the human body. Children these days are often found to have lower concentrations of this vitamin due to low consumption of its sources.

Why do we need to encourage our children to have more of Vitamin C?

  1. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it helps destroy all the free radicals that are present in the body due to pollution, body processes, stress etc. These free radicals if increased in the body can cause diseases like cancer, aging, infections etc.
  2. Vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron in the body especially from the vegetarian sources.
  3. Adding Vitamin C daily in the diet will ensure that your kids grow up having stronger bones, teeth and skin. The reason being that it helps produce collagen which is an important cementing substance found in them.
  4. Vitamin C ensures stronger immunity as it increases the activity of disease fighting immune cells.

How do we ensure then that our children get benefits of such an amazing nutrient?

The sources of Vitamin C include – Amla (Indian gooseberry), citrus fruits (oranges, lemon etc.), guava, berries and germinated pulses. According to the National Institute of Nutrition the recommended daily allowance is 40 mcg per day

  1. Amla is the best source of vitamin C, this wonder fruit can be incorporated in the form of murabba (Indian jam), amla juice, candied amlas.
  2. Include citrus fruits like lemon juice as lemonade or squeezing lemon juice on food.
  3. Fruits like oranges and guava can be incorporated during seasons as a fruit or as freshly prepared juice.
  4. Germinated pulses also contain vitamin C but is highly susceptible to heat hence it should be preferably eaten raw or lightly steamed. Salads or chaat is a good option in include these sprouts.

Vitamin C however is a very sensitive to heat and light hence it is best to have them uncooked or expose them to bright light for a very long time. Also, one must preferably eat the vitamin C rich food sources whole instead of juicing them. If you do decide to juice it, then preferably consume within ½ hour.

It is therefore very important that we make use of this amazing gift of nature. Which will help our kids live a healthier and a fitter lifestyle.


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