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  • Posted On August 31, 2017


Checking water bottles post school or running behind your child to drink water is a common plight most parents face. The most common reason is many children are super active and consciously feel the need to hydrate themselves on exertion. But many kids are relatively sluggish and have low activity levels as a result drink less water and have reduced voluntary signals of thirst. Inadequate hydration can affect your child’s cognition levels, concentration span at school and cause severe lethargy and fatigue even when immobile at home.


Infused water, another word for “Naturally flavored water” makes plain water more edible for children to combat dehydration. Adding natural flavors of fruits and herbs prevents use of artificial, sweetened commercial flavors that are not only harmful but also expensive. Infused water may not add any substantial nutritional benefits to plain water but makes drinking experience of your children more interesting and healthy.

Infused water is a savier from health hazards, know how?

  1. Combats Dehydration: Thirst is the first indication of mild dehydration in the body. Dry skin, mouth, lips, itchy eyes, muscle cramps and frequent pain in legs are all indication that body needs more water.
  2. Fights irritability: Dehydration causes irritation, short temperedness, tantrums, arguments and silly fights with peers at school. Adequate hydration with plain or infused water dissolves these issues.
  3. Get refreshed and energetic: Lethargy and fatigue are common symptoms that are seen in dehydrated children making them sluggish and inactive at all times during the day. A tinge of flavor in plain water makes children drink more water as a result feeling more refreshed and energetic.
  4. Increased concentration span: Along with brain foods, water plays an essential role in making your child more attentive in class. Adequate hydration keeps children awake and attentive for a longer time and improves cognition and concentration span of children in class.
  5. Saves from embarrassment: Bed wetting is the most common embarrassing experience for children and drinking enough water at regular intervals keeps bed wetting away.


Go seasonal with fresh fruits: Choose seasonal fresh fruits and vegetable with high moisture and flavor content like watermelon, oranges, pineapple, mangoes, grapes, cucumber etc.

  • Lemon or lime(with skin) and orange slices
  • Mango pieces, mint leaves and lemon grass if you wish to add the freshness of tea.
  • Pineapple, lemon & mint leaves
  • Orange & watermelon
  • Pineapple, watermelon & lemon
  • Grapes & pineapple
  • Cucumber & lemon
  • Cucumber, mango & mint

Use of spices and herbs like cinnamon, clove, basil leaves, mint leaves, green tea, lemon grass leaves etc saves you from excess caffeine and help add flavor to wonderful combinations of vegetables, fruits and lemon.

Method to make infused water

  • Make your jar of infused water with your child’s favorite combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Add water and allow it to chill for few hours.
  • Ratio of water and fruit can be added as per taste and like for a particular flavor. Ensure water is added in high quantities to meet the purpose of hydration.
  • Attractive infused Ice cubes can be prepared by adding fruits or vegetables in ice molds to allow it to infuse slowly in your prepared jar of infused water.
  • Cut the rind of citrus fruits to avoid a bitter after taste during infusion.
  • Avoid use of kiwi as they do not infuse in water. Use of other seasonal fruits gives great combinations for infusion.
  •  Say no to soda, sugar, honey and other sweetening agents into your infused water and save yourself from additional calories.


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