8 Healthy food habits for Children..

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  • Posted On September 18, 2017


Let eating nutritious food alone not be the only way to live a disease free life. Healthy habits inculcated at a young stage in life can also be a counting factor for your child. Parents not only influence children’s eating behavior but can also act as ideal role models for eating right. Factors like accessibility, availability and parent modeling all together bring in drastic changes in choices of foods made by children.


  1. Lead your child to follow you: Your pick on healthy foods in front of children will help them mimic the same in their life. Cook and eat healthy with your child.
  1. Compulsory family meal time together: Create a positive space for children to enjoy meal time with family sharing the same table for food with them. Let meal time be a time of joy than punishment right from the age of infancy.
  1. Yummy food can be healthy too: Introduce the concept of home based healthy food to young children by going innovative with tasty variations. Surely this can keep their hands off junk foods that are easily available outside. Your child's heathy diet depends on your innovative skills in the kitchen..SO go Innovative!!!!
  1. Begin early: Introduction to all food groups soon after 6 months can be bliss for mothers in infancy and toddlerhood. A taste and sense for all food groups with introduction of new foods at regular intervals can help children make healthy food choices at the time of primary and secondary years of growth in children.
  1. Teach correct portion size: Amount of food served and consumed defines adequate portion size for children. It is essential to teach them the need of consuming just the right quantities of food surely at a young age to avoid over eating at any given point of time.
  1. Mom I am hungry!! Wait to hear that: Force feeding can have a negative impact on children. Understanding time gaps between your child’s meals can help you figure out their regular eating pattern. Feed food only when asked to.
  1. Let TV not distract your child: TV dinners can divert your child’s attention. A healthy food habit requires adequate attention of children to food served and to every morsel consumed. Do not chase your child with a spoon full of food.
  2. Good food with enough exercise: Fussy eating habits can overpower healthy eating habits. Ensure your child has adequate play time to be famished for every healthy food you serve at home during meal time.

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