Yoga – The Best Form of Exercise for Children’s Mind And Body

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  • Posted On October 07, 2017

With an increasing awareness in terms of fitness and nutrition and the traditional old practice of performing Yoga is trending its way through our busy lifestyle.

Traditionally known as Hatha Yoga and in currently with various forms namely - Power yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yan Yoga and many more.

Quick benefits of Yoga for children.

  • Makes them physically alert and fit.
  • Helps in defining a better posture in children.
  • Besides these eye yoga exercises are beneficial in improving vision and has widely gained popularity in recent times where our eye sight starts becoming weaker since an earlier age due to increased computer usage and other screen timings.
  • Along with yoga asanas, meditation even for a short span of time helps to make them calm and form a deeper understanding of self. Thus keeping their body as well as their mind fit.
  • Builds up the body and keeps one healthy
  • Helps improve posture alignment as children are constantly on laptops or reading books which pressurizes their neck and back.
  • Body, limbs and mind get disciplined and channelled to function in the right way.
  • Helps in improving strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Makes one feel energetic and improves vision.
  • Cleanses and purifies the body and the mind.
  • Increases concentration levels and sharpens memory.
  • Brings clarity in speech, thoughts and expression.
  • Creates calmness and brings stability in thoughts.
  •  Yoga is an ancient Indian art and science.  It has been practised since the beginning of civilization till date in the 21st century.  It can be practised in all walks of life and fits into the life of one and all including sports persons, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. Yoga is beneficial for children and is important for them as when they practise them they become wise, grow stronger and remain healthy throughout their lives. 

Practise of Yoga helps to bring a union between the mind, body and soul. Ashtanga Yoga is the systematic practise of yoga explained by Sage Patanjali in The Yoga Sutras. ‘ Ashta’ means eight and ‘anga’ means  parts or limbs. One of the aspects of this eight fold path of yoga is “Asana”.

Asana means to place the body in a right position with comfort and ease.  It also means seat. Asanas are often referred to as yoga asanas because one has to sit or stand firmly in each position whether it’s on the feet, head or any part of the body.  Asanas were discovered by ancient sages and depict nature, animals, birds, insects, God, heros, geometrical figures and sages. The stories of how these sages and asanas along with some yoga games will make yoga inspiring and interesting as well as an enjoyable activity for children.

 Rules to follow before practising asanas:

  1. Always eat something 20-30mins prior your yoga session like a fruit or a handful of nuts. Do not practise yoga on an empty stomach.
  2. Empty your bowels before your start your practise. If you feel the urge while practising, attend to nature’s call.
  3. Wear comfortable cotton clothes for the session
  4. Use soft blanket or mats to perform sitting asanas.
  5. Start your yoga session with static asanas to warm up your body and ease the stress from your muscles and joints and then move on to dynamic asanas
  6. In every asana breathe with ease and do not hold your breath
  7. Breathe through the nose and not the mouth

 NOTE: If your child is a beginner it is advisable that he practises his asanas under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor.

Its never too early to begin!!



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