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  • Posted On February 20, 2018

Fitterfly Nutrition Report is sent to parents of children after a 7- day nutrition assessment. This assessment includes maintaining a week’s food diary of the child. Parent exchanges meal details of the child through FitterFly Nutrition App with our Nutrition Team. A link is sent to the parent either on the app or on e-mail on completion of the 7 day food diary. This link leads you to nutrition analysis report of your child for the period.

Please note that the report is purely based on 7-day food details provided by the parent. The analysis generated in the report shows consumption of various nutrients derived from food and doesn’t take into consideration - digestion, absorption and other factors in the body which vary for every child. Please feel free to clarify all your doubts during one-to-one consultation with our expert team of nutritionists. Reading a Nutrition Report can be quite confusing especially for the first-timers. To simplify the task, follow below listed steps to systematically understand the report.

1) Kindly check the time period mentioned in the report below the name of the child.This is the time period for which the food details were collected and the analysis was done.

2) The colour-coded bar below the age, weight and height details shows BMI (Body Mass Index) of the child as per IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) Growth Standards. Please refer to the category in which your child falls!
  • Underweight
  • Normal Weight
  • Overweight
  • Obese

The BMI of your child should be kept in mind while reading the report further.

3) The Nutrition Report is divided into six major segments which are mentioned below. Check for nutrients (3 macronutrients and 15 micronutrients) which fall into these specific sections. Please follow the colour coding on the report for all of the nutrients.

Colour coding:
Green colour indicates that the nutrient consumed falls within the normal range for the child, whereas Orange indicates low or high levels and Red indicates Very Low or high levels of consumption of that specific nutrient

Section 1:
Macronutrients: Energy is the prime nutrient analyzed in the report and macronutrients contribute to the major portion of energy derived from food. Energy for each individual child is calculated as per the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for each age group also considering the child’s BMI.
Compare the energy recommended versus energy consumed and check the colour coding to find the energy status.

The three basic macronutrients which give energy are- Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats.
Carbohydrates should contribute to 50-60% of the total energy recommended whereas Fat should be 25% of the total recommended energy. Proteins are required as per RDA specified in the report.
Refer to the colour coding and the deficit or excess percentages in the report of the child to understand whether the level of these nutrients consumed are as per standards.

Section 2:
Happy Bones: Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D levels play an important role in maintaining healthy bones. All these nutrient requirements are specified as per RDA in individual reports which have to be compared with the consumed amounts while reading the reports, following the colour coding and the deficit/excess percentages, if any.

Section 3:
Healthy tummy: Water and sufficient amount of fiber is necessary for maintaining a good digestive system. We calculate the total, insoluble and the soluble fiber separately coming from the foods eaten by the child from their food diary and compare it to the actual requirement of the child as per RDA for Fiber.

Section 4:
Smart Brain: Essential micronutrients like Zinc, total Folates and vitamin B12 play a major role in the development of the brain, hence the need to focus on enough consumption of them in our child’s diet. Focus on the RDA’s mentioned for each of these individual nutrients while understanding the consumption pattern for your child.

Section 5:
Secure Immunity: Major nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron are identified to enhance the immunity of the child which is listed in this section of report. Concentrate on the amount of these individual nutrients in the report met from the foods consumed by comparing it with the RDA’s of the respective nutrients.

Section 6:
Healthy Heart: Intake of Omega 3 fats, Sodium and Potassium goes a long way to keeping your child’s heart healthy which is reflected from the foods eaten and can be compared with the RDA’s mentioned for the respective nutrients.

Thus, this report helps to assess whether your child’s current diet is adequate , excessive or deficient in meeting their total energy , macronutrient and essential micronutrients required for maintaining healthy bones, stomach, brain, immunity and heart.

This report link is supported with nutritional guidelines to follow which is separately provided as a pdf document to the parent. This document gives you a better understanding about the sources of food from where these individual nutrients are derived and also suggests recommendations/ guidelines to be followed to fulfill the lag or to bring down the excess amount coming from food.

To summarize, this report highlights nutrition progress of a child in terms of the nutrients consumed and identifies gaps, if any. Hope we have been able to give you a basic understanding about reading the FitterFly nutrition report. For any more queries, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to write back to us on nutrition@fitterfly.in.

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